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  1. What a coincidence! That's good to hear, maybe I'll pick up some of that liner. I'm using a brush for now as well so that's some good info, thanks a lot!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the info. I'm curious about liners and will look into those!
  3. Oups forgot to mention it's Bones. I know you don't necessarily need to prime bones but I do prefer to water down my paints so I do like to prime and have used a GW white spray primer with good results. I'm mostly looking to cut down on paint time with this particular mini so I was looking for a good brown spray primer and was worried the brighter colours painted over the brown might not show through too well. I read about liners but don't quite understand their purpose, it's not a spray is it? I'm still fairly new to all this so forgive my dumb questions. Thanks for that link on Bones and primers, I'm still reading through it all!
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to tackle the Spirit of the Forest miniature for my next project. It's always been one of my favourites minis and I want to do it justice. Looking at all the details though, I can see this taking many hours to complete. Seeing as how there is a lot of 'wood' on this figure, I have a question - Does anyone have experience using a brown spray primer and would that be hard then to paint over with say light greens. yellows, and reds for the details? Thanks!
  5. I took quite some time off from painting minis after my initial batch of figures when I started this hobby. But I got the bug tonight and had to paint something up, so I quickly did this Fire Giant Bodyguard. I had hoped to get his hair a bit brighter but overall I'm happy with it.
  6. I'll check them out! I used nuln oil on this guy. I think Nuln Oil is more of a black tone. TBH, I don't use GW paints/shades except for a couple of metallics. Not knocking it - if you got a good deal on a batch of paint, that's awesome! It might be beneficial for you to have them since a lot of painting tutorials and videos use GW. That might make it a lot easier to get the techniques down. Yeah Nuln Oil is a black shade, you're right. It was either that or Reikland Fleshade which is red, I prefer the darker shades so I went with the oil. But I think I'll pick up a couple more shades, as I wouldn't have anything right now to wash over yellow or other light colours.
  7. Thanks all for the kind words and the advice about the glue! As for the gaps, I was concerned about them at first as well, but after looking at it it's not bad in my opinion. The gaps are forgiving on a model thats "made" out of rock, it looks a lot more natural to have gaps than say on a human type mini. I do have some green stuff however, maybe I'll give it a shot somewhere down the line.
  8. I'll check them out! I used nuln oil on this guy.
  9. I've been on a bit of a painting spree the last few days and I have to say this was the most fun I've had yet painting a mini. The more I painted this guy the more he came to life and I could really imagine him being a gentle giant. Anyway, total time on this one was about 2.5 hours. I'm happy with how it turned out, I did have some brownish-grey rocks in there however when I dry brushed with white they kind of lost their tone. I was hoping for a bit more variation in the rocks but ah well. Took the blue crystal idea from another earth elemental I saw on here, so all credit goes to that! As always, critique away! Oh, question for anyone who's assembled this guy, or any others like it - I tried using Citadel thin glue to stick his arms on, and that was a fail. So I tried Elmers wood glue - It seems to hold them in, but I can feel they shift a little if I touch them, so I know they're not too solid in place. The thin glue worked fine for my little goblins, what's a better glue for larger, heavier pieces like this?
  10. Thank you! I sometimes feel as though I need to reference other painted minis before I feel confident choosing colours but with this one I just went with my own ideas, so I'm glad to hear they're not too bad. The eye is bright like in the first picture, the third picture just wasn't a great angle. I added some grass to the base, and it does look much better. Thanks for all the advice!
  11. I really like the colours of the cloak, looks very ethereal, almost glass-like.
  12. Thanks! I'm lucky to have been able to buy some used paints off a guy selling off his collection so I've got about 70 GW paints and half a dozen washes to play with. I'm still learning as far as what shade goes with what colour. I tried using Reikland Fleshade on white teeth on one of my goblins but it turned out kind of pink. I'll see if I have a Sepia wash. Thanks again for the kind words :)
  13. I had diluted my paints but I'll try with a bit more water next time. Seems like a common theme around here is when you think you've done enough, do more! Like with my highlights and such. Thanks for the advice about the teeth, I can see what you mean.
  14. I just started painting miniatures a couple weeks ago, so this is probably to be expected but I'm really slow. As much as I do enjoy the painting process, it would be nice to finish pieces a little faster. So I chose a pretty basic mini and tried my hand at speed painting, or at least, just painting faster than usual. This werewolf took about an hour total, which for some of you may be slow but for me is quite speedy. Of course, the quality isn't where it would be if I had of spent much longer on it, but overall I'm happy with the results given the amount of time I spent on it. Critique away, please!
  15. Hey all, So this is my 'second' attempt at a miniature. My first was those couple gretchins I painted up. This is a bones miniature, Herryk the dwarf cleric. I tried taking the advice given in my other topic about brighter highlights, so I tried going with some contrast in the beard and face. I think it looks a bit lighter/darker in person than it does in the pictures. I'm not feeling great about the cloak, I was going for darker recesses and lighter raised areas but it didn't really turn out. Overall, though I feel good about it. Any feedback is welcome! Oh, and I do plan to give it a proper base, just don't have the materials on hand.
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