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  1. Someone might want to change the tag label from "pre-launch" to "live" ;) The campaign is certainly of to a great start, really want to see some vehicles, @SW hint hint :P
  2. All depends on the price if il be backing or not as they are a well known brand, ive had some broccoli luck so far with KS 3D printers, the Sparkmaker was very bad with sub standard components and terrible prints, im still waiting on the Obsidian and Build One printers, the Obsidian is looking very bad at mo while the Build One is plodding along and hopefully one day il see it, i only backed them for $99 3+ years ago so not too much of a hit.
  3. ARGH how did i miss this KS!, i really rate T.A.G.s halflings hopefully he will have them on his webstore soon and il grab some from there.
  4. Dam it, i was safe from backing this until i see the ninja, my bloody cat is a ginger ninja i might have to get one to paint up like her lol
  5. Mine showed up yesterday in the UK, great minis as usual :)
  6. I have backed their campaigns before and they are always hassle free, but i will be missing this one i think as im a bit skint, im in for $1 though
  7. The pictures are showing fine for me on Chrome. I backed their last KS with no problems and the couple of minis i got were very nice, excellent casts and sculpts, i will certainly be checking this one out.
  8. If you are in the UK and dont mind spending £5 you can pick up the Starcide mini that was given out at Salute this year, i can not fault it and i would say while the detail isnt quite GW but its still pretty good, probably similar detail to Mantics new hard plastic sprued minis or Renedra's Shieldwolf minis which i cant fault for detail either. FYI Archon was giving out free samples of the Dungeons and Lazers sprues via the D&L newsletter this week and it seemed to have a few wall/floor pieces and a companion from what i can make out, i am not 100% sure i can post the link as it might break forum rules! *Edit, I just looked at the D&L link and the 1st page it takes you too just asks for your details so they can ship it out, there are no shop part on that link, the 2nd link from the 1st takes you to the D&L preview website also no shop, its the 3rd link from the 2nd that takes you to Archons actual webstore, Does anyone know if i post the 1st link, will it break the "no links to other companies webstores" rule?
  9. Yes i am, but i think il be one of the last, i only completed the survey a few weeks ago as i completely forgot about it.
  10. I backed his previous ones and never had a problem, brayan even added the fantasy notice board to his last KS after i enquired about if he could, so hes fairly open to suggestions. I am really digging those dragons he has on offer
  11. @Glamberry I think they would come with no plastic packaging and in zip-lock bags with the cards poked in or packed separately like a lot of KS do, like you say getting enough blisters for 250+ minis x 1200+ boxes i think that would cost quite a few thousand
  12. They are also the master files used for the molds IIRC and in Ramiros blog post one of the pics of a production model has the problem latches and catches highlighted, i dont have high expectations of the final plastic product if there are that many problems reported with the STL files :/
  13. That was asked in the comments 2-3 days after launching and apparently WYSIWYG says everything is fine with the agreement they have.
  14. Its during the last 24hrs that you cant cancel if it results in the project unfunding. I hope they do cancel and re-launch, they are down $12k and the franchise deserves better
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