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  1. Your daughters 5 already! My word, I remember when you had just had her...Have I been gone that long. WOW I have minis still in the package from ROC 2004 and 2005...Uh-Oh...I'd better get to work But I want those Mouselings Good thing Reaper is only 20 min. from my new house :)
  2. WOW that's AWESOME congratulations Froggy!
  3. I like the water base, fear the dragon!
  4. This is kinda a cool site for Dragon Lovers... http://www.colba.net/~tempest/
  5. Time to pick up the brushes again.... I've shot off an email...will shoot off the pmt. when I get back in town next sat. Can't wait to help this great cause Betsy
  6. Actually my 6 year old daughter loved it so I don't think it'll get "poo-poo'd" ...she wants to buy it.
  7. Try this see if it's what you're looking for.....G'Luck http://eurekamin.com.au/index.php?cPath=87...146&sort=3a
  8. Too cool :) I'm really likin' the progression...
  9. Wow, Thanks for getting the picceys up Kelly. Again I'm sorry he arrived damaged. Thanks for the nice comments folks as well Betsy
  10. Ha, Betsy - looks like your luck is in ! I sent you a mini last week from England too. Not there yet ? I hope you like it, can you PM me when it arrives ? My wonderful halfling made it all the way from the UK and he's looking great Thanks so much PM sent just in case you're not reading the forum regulary. Please post pictures seeing as though I'm still camera challenged Thanks again Steve Betsy
  11. Cool Job Dean! He looks great, which figure is he? I'm not sure I've seen him before....Reaper????? I'm sure he'll find a great home in Aloha-land and be banging his drum to local music.... Dwarven --goodness
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