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  1. I've got a box of mouselings, and a box of LJ&C.

    I've got a 5 year old who has seen and loved them both.


    Now I just have to hide the boxes so she will stop asking me about them. Out of sight, out of mind.


    Sure I could paint them all, but where's the fun in that? :poke:


    Your daughters 5 already! My word, I remember when you had just had her...Have I been gone that long.


    I have minis still in the package from ROC 2004 and 2005...Uh-Oh...I'd better get to work :wacko: But I want those Mouselings Good thing Reaper is only 20 min. from my new house :)

  2. yeah, i loved willow too. but then again, i'm old and the f/x compared to newer movies is going to get poo-pooed by many younger viewers.



    still won't keep me from watching it though.


    Actually my 6 year old daughter loved it so I don't think it'll get "poo-poo'd" ...she wants to buy it.

  3. Whoo Hoo

    I received a fantastic mini from CuCulain42 yesterday

    Thanks so much Josh!

    Will hopefully post pictures soon (If I can get my bloody carmera and Computer to co-operate)

    She's awesome



    Ha, Betsy - looks like your luck is in !


    I sent you a mini last week from England too.


    Not there yet ?


    I hope you like it, can you PM me when it arrives ?


    My wonderful halfling made it all the way from the UK and he's looking great

    Thanks so much

    PM sent just in case you're not reading the forum regulary.

    Please post pictures seeing as though I'm still camera challenged

    Thanks again Steve


  4. Cool Job Dean!


    He looks great, which figure is he? I'm not sure I've seen him before....Reaper?????


    I'm sure he'll find a great home in Aloha-land and be banging his drum to local music....


    Dwarven --goodness



  5. I agree that the first one needs a bit 'more' to make the effect you want on the robe. And I also agree that bringing more of the blue in and leaving the highlight white might just do it.


    If you're looking to see how silk/satin responds to light might I suggest here. Lots of colors and they're nice enough to drape the fabric to show how it reflects the light.


    Great linkey-poo Rastl


    I really like them overall they're nicely done I especially like the green tunic on the first one very natural..What paints are you using?.. if your having problems are you shaking them enuf ? If they're MPS or vallejo you really have to shake alot


    I'm with the crowd though on softning the color exchanges. To quote (non-verbatium) the great Reaper paint mistress (Anne) your midtone should be 50% and highlights and shadows 25% each for a realistic look..The best way to get the look you want is to hold the figure up under an overhead lamp and watch where the light hits and how strong it hits and go from there and "fudge" the rest


    and remember light also reflects off the ground.

    Keep posting it's been fun watching you progress each mini is better than the last.

  6. Lookin good!


    Bring on the marshmallows and elk backstrap and ...


    CAMPOUT :bday:




    **River rocks + Fire pit = Very very bad idea. Fire heats up water trapped in rock, water expands, rock explodes. Try it out some time. ;) .**


    Not reccomended for those without heavy chainmail protection or those without a death wish ::P:

  7. I snitched an idea from BattleMountainMinis and used a fine Sharpie to write the triad name on the bottle caps. In addition to the color dot this is helping.






    Glad to help ::D:


    I just write "primer" or flow or whatever on the tops works great but I seal it on or you find yourself re-writing it on alot clear nailpolish works great as sealer on plastic if you don't mind the shine and lasts longer than dulcote

  8. Quote..ReaperBryan

    And my Harpy - patterned loosely after the Red-Wing Blackbird. I like her rather a lot. Face could use some highlights, but it's for tabletop, and I'm not likely to spend any time doing it . . .



    Hey Bryan...

    I know what happened...you were dreaming of hot wings when you started painting



    Very nice BTW....


    I know.... get painting ....you need dwarfs .....

  9. Glad you like CuCulain42


    I had fun with him. He has great areas for playing with freehand.


    Thanks for posting pictures, my camera had an unexpected bath in the dishwater and drowned..Still trying to figure out the one I picked up (used) and I have to get new photo editing software for my 'puter


    But on the bright side I now have a picture to save ::D: I like the "click to enlarge" feature you put in that's way cool




    PS..Thanks Sergeant Crunch and Jabberwocky for those kind words

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