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  1. Yup, it was me and I had a very nice sculptor make it more family friendly (added LOTS of clothing) I can't wait to see the transformation to farm girl from French hooker I'll share once I receive it (fully clothed) Super nice paint job...
  2. I think the best printed example I've ever seen is in the Warlord Core Book on shading/highlighting with a step by step guide by Anne. However, one thing that really stuck in my mind after RAC was that when you are taking things up to "white", Remember the 50/25/25 rule: 50% base color 25% shadow 25% highlight Simpley put (Anne can explain it MUCH better) you want to keep 50 % of the main color and only apply 25% shadow and highlights to each little area otherwise you're over doing it and hence losing the effect you're going for. (guilty as charged ) One thing it looks like you're doing is running the brush up and down on the highest peak/crest of the area when you're bringing it to white so you're getting a very distinct line instead of a blend ..you might want to instead, start your brush stroke with the tip of your brush partially in the deepest fold and pull it up to the crest of it using smaller strokes progressivley. That works with the way a brush delivers paint the least paint comes off at the beginning of a stroke and delivers the most near the end. That'll put the paint where and how much you want it and then glaze to keep it smooth. I believe this is called a type of feathering technique (Again Anne is much more adept at explaining it) Glazing is our friend...but so's dulcote (which somehow also seems to smooth things out) BTW, I really like your paint job overall ...yeah elves...get rid of that Mordor scum
  3. Is your folk art extender the one with the "Antique-ing" agent in it? I grabbed some by accident once and got a "cracking/antique" look to the paint I applied to a wizard once...I'd check the bottle. Now it sits in with my basing stuff for terrain..works great.. Bad for minis...great for terrain you and Anne will get it figured out...G'Luck keep us posted tho
  4. I second both of these requests musketeer goodness AND especially more townsfolk and bar patrons..people sitting standing leaning big folk and little folk... That's the ticket PLEEEASE
  5. thx for the answer. OK, 10$ for me then. Is it possible to pay via paypal or credit card? I'd like to know about credit cards and paypal as well. Mailing money is highly illegal here in Denmark. I'd probably go with a bank cashiers check or postal money order from those overseas ..Nobody wants to see anybody in trouble over a t-shirt or hat
  6. Yikes....Urukai not painted...UGH...I'd kill for them.. All my unpainted/unwanted pewter is going for a paint-n-take tonight, Till I can afford to buy some for the other BL events I'm hosting. But Urukai...now that's too horrible
  7. Never thought of using the Violet ...Cool...have to pick it up...I like the write up...Thanks
  8. not for me. it was an extra hour of work (but the sun will be up soon, so I can go home and try to sleep) Well, sleep will come to those who wait too...graves can be a rough shift...(worked it for years..now I'm an insomniac) Just think in spring you get a short shift by an hour
  9. Spoken like a proud pappa...Enjoy....
  10. Don't forget to "Fall Back" an hour .... Whoo Hoo ...an extra hour of sleep....
  11. He's mean and green! Thanks for sharing, I think I'll stick to my 4 hour speed paint but it's nice to know a way to cheat if needed G'luck on the tabletop Gankorak
  12. Overall I really like it. The only thing that is bugging me is the fire is restricted to the logs in the fire. I think a little light effects on the rocks circling the fire would make you happier. Keeping the depth of the rocks just go for a little orange to yellow near the center to top, with a tiny bit of red at the midline. I also think hitting the center of the log away from the fire with some ivory hotspots will give you the effect you want..but that might be the photo. Really nice job tho it has a nice natural feel.
  13. [quote name='Qwyksilver' date='Oct 24 2005, 03:38 PM' post='272251' Or just buy a pencil box and glue in some foam from your favorite troop transport case or from blister packs. I have a narrow metal one with a top tray and this works great for me. Good brushes in the bottom w/foam, junk basing brushes in the top. It got thru airport security just fine going to RAC.
  14. Ugh, Sorry Dean, I didn't see the glue leak spots on the base before I shipped him. Walnut will cover it Glad you like Betsy
  15. Personally, I use only the W&N #7's (regular and miniature) and the Reaper Master Series brushes. (sizes 1,0,00,000,5/0,10/0,30/0) Though, I've ordered some DaVinci brand to try.(recomended at RAC) However, I use the Plaid "green" Handle brushes from Walmart for mixing paint, terrain, glueing and the occassional drybrushing *shudder* (Sorry Anne ) and they have served me well and are quite disposible. I think if you only carry "good" brushes in the long run your clients will be happier with the results and will only buy the brushes from you.A small profit margin on brushes will equal return business I think, IMHO. I tried the cheapie brushes and my painting was not as clean and I found I had to replace my brushes all too often...$$$$$ wasted Quality vs quantity..that's the ticket
  16. Looks like fun! Where did you get the signs from Reaper? I'm doing my first demo for BL and need to advertise that it's happening thanks Betsy
  17. (tounge-in-cheek-mode) Sir Dragon Snack, I indeed waylaid your previous exchange minis and they joined me in battle, however none of them survived and found the way to your encampment. *"All lost,such a sad tale"* In payment for the sacrifices of your former exchange minis not making it home, I offer you my services. Hopefully this exchange you will receive your proper figure from your exchange buddy, but I wanted to ensure you got one this time around...being 3 for 3 is no good and not fair. Your humble servant, Marius Burrowell
  18. Add a tiny amount of blue grey to the skintone and use a brown like oiled leather as the undershadow then slowly add in your crows feet and baggies to the eyes, don't forget under the chin and neck. Most important is remembering less is more at this scale and the suggestion of age will come across as aging at it's finest Good luck Betsy
  19. Don't panic..Due date is 11/15/05 Just under a month to go folks
  20. Anne you ROCK! *gush* My gosh this is a killer color! An absolute MUST HAVE! It's awesome for demi-metalics but it's not too shiney to use as a base color and as a darkliner and works great as the deepest darkest shade in the ocean triad or anything needing blue/black but richer! So many uses so little time *gushing some more* Got it at RAC and just started playing with it and ............OMG,I love this color! huh, it's a metalic?, (at first I didn't notice even with ( 2) 100watt bulbs on it) *ok, done now* Seriously tho, it's killer I really like the red liner too kinda has a purple hue , and the Adamantium Black was a surprise Reminds me of IWM steel (metalic) Great deep color. The terrain khacki looks cool but haven't messed with it yet..havin' too much fun Thanks Reaper for more fun in a bottle
  21. Guys...... Behave yourselves......... this IS a family forum PS I like the idea of a Sophie "Daisy Duke" style
  22. 2 Sent......... Waiting for answers that they were received...Hopefully my victims will post picceys... One to go...
  23. Don't forget all the "angel" box sets and cherubs you can also side line promote it as a get ready for Christmas P-n-T Fairys and Villagers would work in Christmas Villages The elf Queen is good too DHL has tons of options Good Luck, have fun
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