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  1. Just an idea..what about using a gel glue that you can brush on?
  2. Now VL after that last fianna you posted in show off I'm not so sure you're going to need to do 100's of figures she was fantastic!
  3. For a weeping willow I would make the "frame" of the tree out of twisted floral wires and use sculpy to cover/sculpt it the way I wanted then bake it I would use the Hudson & Allens ivy to fill the leaves out. ...then I would either use PVC glue and nial polish or water effects for the sludgey water adding in bits of loose foliage to it. .(www.Jenova.dk) has a great tutorial for this look under funky water bases on her site GOOD LUCK!
  4. PS> For getting dulcote online the CMON shop sells it as well as Brookhurst (last time I looked) But I have had some bad luck receiving the stuff I order My favorite place to get it is a place that sells models like cars and planes etc. I have also found it at places like Hobby lobby and Micheals or most artist supply stores Hope that helped..
  5. For completely flat finishes I use Webers gloss medium (brush-on) and then dulcote brush on (un-diluted,very well shaken) It's a really tough finish since I'm klutzy and am forever dropping my minis. I have to have a tough finish. For minis where some parts need to be shiny (like gems etc) I use the same process but go back and re-gloss those certian spots again with the gloss medium.I really like the look. I have a friend who uses future floor wax straight out of the bottle the a spray matte with great results..He's an historical gamer and never seems to be working except in the battlefield I think my favorite trick is before I do freehand designs or something where I can screw up a paint job I use Dulcote or Citadel matte spray with 2 light coats (be patient here for them to dry!) then do my freehand but, if I make a mistake I use Azteck airbrush cleaner on a damp Q-tip to clean it up and then go back and fix the problem..it doesn't eat the paint job....this has saved alot of minis from the soak of death
  6. Trial and error wins here..I prefer no extender ..Just flow aide I agree about CMON there's some vindictive nasty people out there however it does get your stuff seen and the buyers on ebay don't seem to care about the score anyway... Glad to hear you're getting out of a slump..that's tough to do :)
  7. I have a huge bottle of future on my paint station and now don't touch it I will probably move it to the cleaning supply cabinet My favorite flow aide is by Liquitex I put it in an eyedropper bottle with 1 part flowaide to about 15 parts water it works great for everything though I thin it a bit more for glazing. My favorite blending medium is Windsor and Newton but be careful that it dries well or you can really mess up a paint job
  8. My 2 cents: I buy alot of pre-painted archive minis for my Warhammer dwarf army from ebay and almost always have to get the nasty old paint off. My favorite method is a 1 or 2 day soak in the cheapest brake fluid I can find ..I put them in a half full tight sealing glass jar in and depending on the age and kind of paint it usually takes about 2 days sometimes less. You can use it on plastic or metal ...I've even forgotten them and they have sat thru a 2 week vacation with no damage to my minis :) .. The down side is it's slimey when you grab it and doesn't smell great.. the upside is it almost always works (even in the deep crevices) Keep it away from kids and pets though after the soak a brass wire brush scrub with dish detergent prime and paint as usual If all else fails I use easy off oven cleaner spray (outside) and wait an hour, 2 or 3 and scrub with brass wire brush etc.....good luck
  9. Anybody comming in thru Albuquerque We can maybe set up a car pool type thing I have room for a few in my SUV just pm me Might be cheaper???
  10. Hi, I would love to see a class or demo on how to use things like extenders effectly and also blending mediums as well as effective alternitive highlightings like reds and blues on black etc. (whew..talk about a run on sentance) I'm excited about being fairly close the reapercon2005 being in NM so hopefully I'll be able to go! Thanks
  11. I don't mind exchanging with someone overseas. I'll happily do the extra postage for the fun of this..I'm excited about this exchange, it's my first one ..What a great concept my hats off to all the painters who are going to make this a huge success!
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