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  1. Me Too SB.....I got RAC-2 for Christmas (early)...maybe though...I'm a January baby too Missed ya at RAC this year
  2. Just caught the post..Welcome WhooHoo another dwarf person May your anvils always ring and gold glimmer brightly...
  3. Very clean paint job. I really like her. She is tiny and very feminine, nice smooth color transistions on her dress. Great work for a table top figure. The only thing I would change abit is taking her skin and facial features and deepining the recesses and hitting the hot spots a little because she looks a little monochromatic ..however that could just be my monitor. Super job on the base I can see her cleaning up the table in an innocent type of way
  4. UGH.....That stinks! I on the other hand somehow forgot to put my greenstuff in my checked baggage and went right thru TSA just fine WhooHooo Dallas Love and none of my luggage was searched and everything made it in one piece Sorry to hear that happened I agree COMPLAIN to anybody and everybody and as loudly as possible! That's just wrong!
  5. Finally have come off my RAC high somewhat I didn't see any cameras out and about like last year the first day mine was at LQ charging and the second day I was in classes mostly or wandering around too hyper to think. (or too really paint much) It was not only a family get together it was a really stuffed weekend. I can't express enough how wonderful EVERYONE is. Just being able to match faces to call signs is fun (always destroys all preconcieved ideas) and trying to learn something about gaming (complete novice) and shopping till I dropped (Oh I wish I had more to spend) How I felt: 1.) Kid at Christmas ( thanks Anne for my "Christmas" present letting me 'audit' a class I couldn't afford) 2.) Junkie getting a fix (painters and people to talk too) 3.)Getting kicked in the a$$ to start painting again (still not sitting much OUCH) 4.) Sad to leave looking forward to next year All in all yup, Christmas in OCT. I think next year we need a designated picture taker
  6. Glyn's (Zaphod) tutorial is great but if you want to know how light reacts on gems go to Jen Haleys site and read her tutorial on that it's really helpful. *shudder* the GW dark angels green thru bilious green can work too (will post link when I can find it ...lost in a file somewhere) Most gems are well rounded or very fawceted (sp?) and will have different areas that are "hot" spots (more than 2) so grab a reflective marble and study it that will at least help you get your light sorce. Good Luck
  7. WELCOME to the boards. I took a quick glance at your photo bucket I love the Reaper demon you're a very good painter BTW, he's great.Very nice highlights and blends But to answer your ?? as best as I can: Some of this depends also on climate as well. I live with high altitude and dry climate (New Mexico) so I have to add in alot more extender than those at Reaper HQ or the midwest otherwise the paint drys on the brush before it make it to my mini. I also thin fairly thin to keep things smooth.. Are you going up and down with your brush strokes on cloaks (bottom to top of shoulder) for example, or in from deepest fold to crease ? If you use your brush from inside the crease to the top of the fold in small strokes the least amount of paint will deposit in the deeper part of the fold and the most paint will deposit on the crease because of the way a brush "drops" paint. Graduate the depth as you lighten your highlights then glaze if it's too stark that might help you get the blended result you want as well. Hope that helped a little G'luck Betsy
  8. I second that, and have to add in how mind blowing informational it was too Great time great people and loads of fun Thanks all
  9. There's a weight requirement to be a caster? Good Heavens... LOL!! No, Garm means that a caster is required to have an average daily output of 15 or more pounds per hour for each day over the course of a week (That is, Post-QC weight of all cast product must equal 120 pounds per day or 600 pounds per week) - something that usually takes 6-8 weeks for most Caster Trainees to be able to acheive. What these 2 "big strong guys" aren't telling you is that one of the casters is about 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet and SHE does it 8 hours a day and doesn't complian they only did it for an hour
  10. We'll miss ya Qwyk But with your own Miniature comming I know people who're jealous of you! BTW.... CONGRATS
  11. Hey Gus If I don't get to cast will you cast me up 2 of the Sophies PLEASE... I'll pay for em I couldn't make ReaperCon 1 and would love to paint one and treasure the other That's the only Sophie I don't have * where's the sobbing emoticon* and I can't afford ebay prices (NOT for sale..Personal use only) If anyones going to cast the ReaperCon2 Sophie I'd love another of those as well ixminis got me one, but, I'm greedy and want another She paints up sooooo pretty
  12. I used to live on the near northside of Chicago in Lake Forrest I know Kenosha are you going by the Brat Stop If so grab a brat for me
  13. Packed and ready Leavin in the morning....Still trying to figure out how I'm going to manage the 'puter but will try! If so I'll post as much as I can. Too bad I don't have a digi-cam to sneak in to let you all see what's going on I'll take the best notes I can tho....and try not to be too stingy
  14. Still 25 tickets left in the store.... better odds for me *grabbing my 4 leaf clover and rabbits foot* See ya all in 24 hours....WHOO HOO I can't wait! I'm so excited to go back to Denton!
  15. My LGS just got in their copy of CW # 18 a couple of weeks ago and hasn't gotten #19 yet he told me his distributor can't get them either. I also noticed I can't find the link to buy subscriptions in the store anywhere *going thru CW withdrawls*
  16. This is kind of a cool site for dragon lovers as well as artists, However they NEED reapers cool dragons posted My dragons not ready yet...how about yours POST AWAY! http://www.dragnix.net/Artistic_Section/
  17. Hopefully there will be veggie plates with the Sonic I don't think my system can live on Sonic alone (getting old) I remember there was a decent deli nearby tho
  18. Take notice of painting tips from folks in the US that are in more arid and/or high altitude areas. Both Flynn and myself are in Colorado so we definitely don't have humdity problems its a matter of keeping things from drying to fast. I remember at the RAC last year both Flynn and I were at a table with Jen Haley when she pulled out a hair dryer to make the paint dry faster. We were both stunned and saying why would you want make it dry faster? New Mexico's like Colorado but drier and painting is pro-extender here. However when I was in South Carolina my "gunk" was useless way too humid...Now I carry both flo-aide and slo-dri to where ever I travel and mix there according to climate
  19. Jeans and t-shirt was all I needed last year inside and out. After it being in the 40's here 80's is going to be heaven
  20. ROFL Nice to see you're keeping your sense of humor Anne
  21. How about raisin-rocks and corn on the cob thatched huts
  22. (Bit of humor) I was just getting my minis basing stuff ready to pack for RAC I have a bunch of 2x2x1 inch tupperware boxes that I normally carry basing stuff in static grass, flock etc. ...all labeled on the lids When packing them I took notice of one that said "snow" (containing Woodland Scenic's Fluffy Snow product) Totally innocent right.. Can you imagine to look on the TSA inspectors face if they opened the box saying "snow" and saw a white powdery substance inside..And then a second box that says "grass" (I'm quickly changing the label on that one) I'd probably be hauled in on drug charges till the test comes back negitive...Miss my flight, Miss RAC, NO, I'll not be bringing my snow
  23. WOW THANKS! LS and Airhead! I'm doing fairly simple stencils Orange pumpkin, base color Orange/Yellowish highlight with lines for pumpkin creases already cut into it so darker orange shows as creases black eyes nose and mouth Hand paint stems w/green paint These are 4-5 year olds so I don't need to go nuts (keep it simple) Might look into Kinko's tho, sounds less time consuming and might be cost effective. You guys are great Betsy
  24. Airhead... My knight in shiney armor... Can't afford silk screening ( REALLY wish I could at this point) The paint distructions said I don't have to heat set ...should I anyway Thanks so much again for the advice Betsy
  25. I've spuncast jewelry before and short of sticking your fingers in the spinner to see if it's working It's a great only semi-dangerous thing...Actually more people have hurt themselves with exacto knives and jewelry saws than will receive injurys here.. Eye protection and leather will help
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