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  1. Works for me, Thanks for all the effort to make this fun
  2. 35. "they delved to quickly and too deep" should not refer to your sexual exploits
  3. Short -n- round people ..low to the ground... Dwarfs and Halflings Preferably townfolk, Like dwarfs working on their anvils and hourds, mining and gathering w/carts and wheelbarrows gardeners and pushcart vendors Need stuff without weapons Tho, I know I'm not the norm....you asked
  4. My daughter has a class field trip comming up and wanted to have class shirts...UGH She wants pumpkins on them, I cut the reverse stencils and bought the paints I need.. but.. I'm having tons of trouble getting the proper thickness of paint for the basecoat orange and the lighter orange-yellow highlight, and am very quickly running out of "test T's" I think I'm going to hand paint the stems I ran food coloring thru first to make sure the airbrushes still worked after sitting in my garage for a year+ and that all's good my compressor is old but working HELP please I have to get 20 of them done soon Thanks so much Betsy
  5. Sorry to hear about the stiff knee, that can really slow you down Yup, I'm back at it with my little girl. I'm just not doing any throws or hardcore jujitsu yet..I think I'm going to save that for saving my skin if the need ever arises because that would probably total it for good but on a happier note, Rachel and I are doing our Kenpo workouts daily BTW, you've come a long way with your painting in the last year and it is getting really great! (I've been lurking) Betsy
  6. Daymn Linus.... She's wonderful! her face is so peaceful and soft, The rest of her is fantastic too ...You're an amazing painter I'm awe struck! Thanks for sharing Betsy
  7. ...Shoulder is back to normal ...Thanks for asking Yup, I'm back *snicker*
  8. I really like this figure had have painted it a couple of times. You did a really nice job on him and since his cloak is so large it's a challenge at times. My only suggestion is maybe putting a little dirt along te bottom edge of the cloak because if he wasn't holding it up around himself it'd drag close to the ground and be dirty. I like your base and freehand too thanks for sharing
  9. Gonna miss ya this year Hopefully I'll see ya next year!
  10. Hope you're going to bring her to RAC, ..I can't wait to see her, I love the reflective dots on her fingernails ..nice attention to detail great job!
  11. I land at Dallas/Love at noon and after grabbing my car and checking in at LQ, I should make HQ about 3 on the nose... Can't wait to get there! **Make note to lead pack mobbing Bryan***
  12. As always Anne and Crew.. YOU'RE AWESOME!
  13. They've added 25 more tickets ... Have you gotten the class oversale straightened out? Because in the shuffle I lost a class and am waiting to hear if I can replace it
  14. When I get to the point that I've had to strip a mini .. it's time to go and do something else.... Twice... it's time for a different mini... Once you've painted something else (primer to varnish) Try again Good luck I hate days like that
  15. EDITED: IDEA...Since it's so close to halloween..we can trick or treat...at the asylum,Kit,Ed's, Anne's, and Brian's offices (heehee)
  16. I'd love that Sat. noon to two
  17. PM sent..switch me around if you need to
  18. I'm not into sci-fi but they look cool they remind me of star wars
  19. Isn't that the truth! I blew a small fortune last year! The best thing to do is go thru CW (Casketworks) or the boneyard part of the Reaper online store and make a list of part/figure #'s of what you want before you get in the "boneyard" candy shop otherwise you'll get a little nuts I hope we can exchange pewter for pewter that'd be awesome I have a bunch of thigs I'd love to exchange BTW, you can also get discontinued figures or their parts as well.
  20. Thanks for all your hard work Anne...You've been awesome! I'm comming to this RAC much more prepared than last year when I felt like a fish outa water Thanks to Bryan too for volunteering to make all those trips with us Betsy
  21. I was wondering if we'll be have acess to the boneyard again this year? I'm hoping on Friday 'cause there's a couple of figs that I want to mess with while the sculpting guru's are around That way I'll have the WHOLE weekend to grab advice, since my sculpting is sub-standard. Thanks Betsy
  22. My "zoo" consists of Mr Wiggles a very spoiled min. poodle Charlie a "mutt" I rescued from Korea Gandalf a min. schnauzer Frodo a budgie from the UK Merry and Pippin- African dwarf frogs and multiple fish ( my 4 year old named our schnauzer,the bird and the frogs you can't tell what movie she likes can you)
  23. Keep us posted, I'd buy one! Now along the same lines.... I'd love to see the 3 Muskateers sculpted to resemble the actors in the Disney version of the film (My favorite version) Oliver Platt, Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Southerland and you might as well throw in Chris O'Donnell. (preferably without the blue tunics please, that way they can be used as multipurpose figures) For some reason this sculpt reminds me of them (must be the boots and hat )
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