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  1. I agree it's pretty current however, If you want bits and pieces or a discontinued figure you can go to the "boneyard" at the Reaper website and get the part #, and generally order them . The folks who pull the parts are really great about it too! If you call, they know their products so well, they have the bitz # before you can find it online. On my first order with Reaper, I wanted a dwarf carrying a lantern that was only sold in the Dark Heaven war packs and they pulled just that single figure for me and only charged me $2.00 for him. It was awfully nice. Goes to show what a great group they are.
  2. Must have the lady scorceress...Oh the conversions I foresee.... Lady Devona...kinda reminds me of GW's, Morgana though IMHO, I'll have to see that one in person before I decide...but I really Love the flowing gown and cloak. The horse too is a little GW-ish through the mane ...except with the addition of the breastplate and reins though it helps alot I'm really lovin' the Vampiress...A dio. waiting to happen
  3. Darn it ...I'll be in a class...How about adding in Sunday too
  4. Oh Boy! Can't wait for Christmas! Hope my stocking's full of MSP's this year I can't live without my walnut, beastie brown, or bleached bone, I'll be glad to have them in dropper bottles without having to pour them myself
  5. I usually drive too but this year time constrictions are working against me so I had to book a flight. Thanks for all the tips folks..Much appriciated! Jen, Any chance of you bringing a Gigio's pizza from the windy city?...They're at Devon and Western, and about the only thing I miss from the Chicago area Betsy
  6. I want to add in a class or two more than what I already bought but I don't want to buy into a sold out class and loose $$ any way of checking before I add more? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have a quick question, what's the best way to fly with paints etc? Most of my paints are in dropper bottles but I know when ever I drive they turn into mini volcanos when I open them what about flying? Do you check them thru or carry them on? Also with all the new restrictions what about sprays like dulcote etc. Any tips from frequent flyers are appriciated
  8. What color did you use to highlight her hair? I like the effect. Very nice job PM
  9. Jeez.... I don't know much about the terms, but I'd like to know how to adjust my camera to get the best results and how to get the clearest pictures I can. Also how to get the proper distance for the best effect. Proper lighting as well. Also the best way to load them for viewing on the forum and on websites or "tweak" them.
  10. Anyone heard if FranktheDM's grandmoms familys ok? I think we've accounted for just about everyone else's family on the board
  11. Tha main reason I posted this is because alot of donations are given in the name of "Katrina" thinking it'll be used to cover "Rita" as well. Which isn't necessarily true. Things not "earmarked" will go where needed but if you want it to be only for the hurricane survivors this is the better way to ensure the right help gets given where most needed. I have been working at the Red Cross since Katrina hit last month and this is what we're running into so I just thought I'd let people know.
  12. For all you generous people out there on this board... and there are so very many! The American Red Cross must use funds earmarked "Katrina or Rita Donation" for only those specific areas, but, if you mark your donation HURRICANE RELIEF it can be used wherever it's most needed. This isn't a well known fact. I'm afraid that since the great state of Texas did heed the warnings of evacuation (tramatic as it was) that they'll not be as recognized, and less help will be given though there are alot of people who will really need it. So, if you are planning material donations or digging deep into your wallets again to help... Think of Texas and those who will still be in need though they weren't as ravaged in as many ways as New Orleans but add to the general "help" fund so they at least have a chance to receive what they need. Thanks, Betsy
  13. WHOO HOO! Finally can relax a smidge..I'm so relieved to hear they're safe and in one piece!
  14. Congratulations on the 30 pound weight loss I'm glad to hear things went well and your spirits are up! Take good care Betsy
  15. Well, I'm very proud of my daughter! So far she's raised $132.87 for the Red Cross between doing "sponsored" chores and collecting cans. Not too shabby for a 4 year old With hurricane Rita bearing down on the gulf coast we're going to continue our challenge. Before it hits call your local Red Cross Chapter and offer to help please this country's going to have a real problem if it maintains at a catagory 4-5. There will be people in at least 5 states effected and their worlds ripped apart Thanks Betsy and Rachel
  16. Love Field is about 45 minutes to an hour from Reaper HQ, depending on traffic. I live about 20 minutes from LF myself. When would you be flying in, theoretically? Also, as has been pointed out elsewhere, bring a notebook, microcassette recorder, clay tablets, or anything you can take notes with. This is both very useful, and easily forgotten! Thanks for the info Talin, I'd be flying in late Thursday or early Friday morning probably. I haven't looked too hard at the flights yet I'd really like to drive (mom's extended quiet time.) I forgot my notebook last year but I've already got one ready for this year along with 3x5 cards for paint recipes and color swatches
  17. Thanks for the ideas on what to bring! Must paint, must make lists I do have another question though..How far is Dallas/Love airfield from Denton? I know where DFW is but I have free flights with Southwest Air and that's where they fly to. With hurricane Rita comming gas prices might hit unreasonable heights to afford to drive and I still want to come to RAC so that's my only other option
  18. Thanks all! I'll give it another go and see what I can make of it
  19. Well, the mouth and eye sockets evened out and are fine but I guess it was because I laid the figure down to prime it that they got a heavier coat. But the coats seemed tacky for about 45 min though I didn't spray them enough to run by any stretch they were thin
  20. I bought some Floquil spray primer and noticed a few things...Need advice Please 1> It's sticky though I shook the can for a few long min. before spraying 2> Though I used 2 light coats it seems to not quite cover the deeper crevices but sorta flooded the mouth/eye sockets of the mini Ok, What'd I do wrong I'm used to Citadel white primer and maybe because it's thinner/enamel I have to do more coats?? Oh yeah...If I have to strip the mini 'cause I screw up something ..what's the best way? Thanks B
  21. The best batch of greens I've seen in awhile! Can't wait to buy them
  22. Found this digging around for asian skintones and it's perfect (yeah Lili) thought I'd move it to the recipe section so it's easier to find
  23. Prod away please..I haven't booked a room yet and would prefer LQ...Thanks for all your hard work Anne
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