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  1. Well, I'm signed up for 3 for sure and will probably add in another one or two as soon as I get paid. I'm getting excited... Must go paint...Must go paint....
  2. Great line up! Now for the next dogging question...Hotel packages???? La Quinta is about $85.00+ online now per night and the Super 8 is $59.00+ per night I'd prefer LQ but with a $25.00 difference per night that's 2 classes and a mini or two...
  3. I'm still waiting on a "cost per class price" as well as hotel packages ...gotta plan how much I can spend above and beyond RAC at the Asylum and boneyard
  4. Come on, ya know you wanna QWYK! I should be driving right by DFW for people who need picked up on Friday mid-morning
  5. Thanks, It's a two-fold thing though..I'm lucky enough to not be committed to work or anything that commits my time too badly..So I had the time to give. Also as a "retired paramedic/nurse" I've seen disasters at their worst and have a true comprehension on what needs done. I was horribly pulled and guilt ridden by the fact I couldn't jump on a plane and get there to help so I did it because I knew it needed it and to ease my bad feelings. So, it's not as grand as it sounds but I thank you for recognizing my 4 year old daughter who has a heart the size of the grand canyon and her efforts.
  6. Rachel and I don't have alot of "extra cash" to spare so we're trying to be creative in how we help. Since kids feel good if they know they're being big "helpers" it's a win-win situation in my eyes...Today we talked to her school and they're going to start it also school wide I spent about 20 hours + last week donating time to get shipments ready to go to the hardest hit areas and now we have some of the evacuees here in Albuquerque so I'm going down to the Salvation Army to help get clothes/sundries packages ready to pass out. (each family has told us their sizes) Weird though..they're asking for only new clothes to be donated..I'd think they'd take all they can get ...even if it's to sell in their resale shops..it still translates into cash to help out... Gotta run.....Keep helping folks we're in for a long haul!
  7. Where whould I find the floquil? I haven't seen it locally..I've tried a bunch of places...anybody please
  8. Use simple green! Place fig. in 6 hours later (or overnight) scrub with toothbrush...all gone paint The best part is it doesn't turn greenstuff to playdoh
  9. Gus hit mostly all my requests right on the head Though I'm not really thinking I'd go for a basing class. unless it was light reflection effects comming from minis (wizards lightning etc) I would love these though: Demi-metalics Transparent clothing Hair & Fur - beyond drybrushing Competition painting - an insider's view of what the judges look for Miniature Prepping- (getting rid of mold lines in tight places w/o removing details) NMM on various types of weapons Lighting Effects/Directed Lighting/reflective lighting Thanks for listening Can't wait to be back in Denton
  10. New Call to arms! Today was trash pick up day and instead of putting the pop cans in the recycle bin my daughter and I are starting a challenge... To all the Reaper Peep Kids: Collect cans and turn them into money for Katrina Victims... Get your class and neighborhood involved! Mom and/or Dad can help! Thanks, Betsy and Rachel
  11. Hey Linus... Some of your links are broken..But I love what I'm seeing Betsy
  12. I have 3 kids as well My boys are 20 and 21 years old (a year and 10 days apart) and I have a 4 year old daughter.. Boys are easier than girls Brian!
  13. OOPS>>> My bad... I'm hoping the classes aren't too expensive but they're worth it!
  14. I'm # 11 Gus... Can't wait to see you and your better half again I've stayed at the Super 8 and it's been fine ..except having to drag the table nearer to the electric outlet to plug in my lamps.. Though, I'm still waiting to see what Kit can come up with to book a room
  15. Really great job! Killer eyes! I'm a dwarf person so I love the sculpt... I think the best advice I got early on and still use is: "take the highlights one step past what you think looks good and it'll be right for the camera". Thanks Anne KEEP PAINTING
  16. If I remember right.... It was just a flat fee to get in of $30.00 and then we spent a fortune in the asylum and boneyard ( At least I did) there was no per class fee. From what I'm getting for this RAC... it'll be more like R-Con with an entrance fee as well as a per class fee None the less, it'll be more personal than a "con" with only 30 slots open and smaller classes just less $$$ to spend in the Asylum and boneyard.
  17. I'll see you all soon reserved my spot Just need to know if any hotel packages are avalible...Kit... anyone?
  18. Thanks guys..That clinches it I think I'm going to paint him up... I'll post picceys when he'd done
  19. I just thought this guy.. (DHL 2883-Sir Kimball, Crusader) seen here would look cool in battle since his garb/armour is reflective of the Warlord Crusader figures. He seems to be saying "come on lads this way to death and glory" It's not at all about my budget as much as wanting to paint something cool for a friends army yet, also wanting to make sure it can be played as well. Though, I believe I might have to do a quick weapon swap to keep the weapons in his army somewhat consistant.
  20. Is it a complete faux pas to use a DHL mini as a captain in a Warlord army to lead grunts? I had an idea to use a DHL crusader for a WL crusader..Just wanted to know if It could be used
  21. WELCOME BACK! TAKE A NAP,KISS THE FAMILY, AND HUG YOUR FRIENDS, PAT THE DOG (if applicable) HAVE A BEER!..... AND... GET TO WORK (just joking) Nice to know you made it back in one piece! Trips like that are brutal, just relax! A day or two isn't going to kill anyone they just have to wait and exercise patience and keep flipping thru CW #18 and browse online for the perfect fig!
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