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  1. Boris Khan

    and finally - The Coven of Witches

    giving you campaign ideas is an extra bonus for me.
  2. Boris Khan

    and finally - The Coven of Witches

    So it doesn't matter if she is a bard, sorceress, druid, shaman, necromancer, herbalist, cleric, or magus - it all boils down to - she's a witch Thank you all for viewing.
  3. Boris Khan

    Witch #5, Geeta

    The Pathfinder Iconic witch Feiya, 60048, the metal version comes with a fox familiar. So much detail in this figure, I just love it. I run a backwoods cleric preacher named Dirty Lazarus Smoke and this is his wife Geeta.
  4. Boris Khan

    Witch #4, Bearalynne

    Originally the Nature Warden, Reaper 60064, I modified the figure by removing the falcon on her upraised arm and made her a bear paw battle staff then cut away her scimitar to turn it into a bear-skulled club and finally came up with Bearalynne the druid for one of my players.
  5. Boris Khan

    Witch #3, Shara

    Alas, this is one of those figures without a reference number. I think it she was a victim of the well sculpted Paizo metal mini lines that got absorbed into the Pathfinder line and then discontinued. Either way, this is Shara, the neighborhood shaman / witch doctor. Love this figure and am quite happy with it other than the flat matte finish I used didn't coat quite right and now she looks dusty.
  6. Boris Khan

    Witch #2, Endi

    Reaper's Thora 02925. I love this figure and you always need that fanatical necromancer. Gave her the ever present solid single color eyeballs with extra mascara and she has quite the lovely sadistic grin.
  7. Boris Khan

    Orc Squad group picture

    Fantastic job all around. Quite expressive and the gear and banner really stand out. I particularly love the shield of number 4 in pics 2 & 3
  8. Boris Khan

    Witch #1, Ori

    Model is Seoni of the Pathfinder Iconics line, 60009. This is one I may redo in the future as I am not happy with the face. Need to go back and use even thinner paints. This one was done some time ago and in a rush for a session that needed a female spellcaster type.
  9. Boris Khan

    Arctic/Antarctic Explorers by EMP Miniatures

    Nice work. The first thing that popped in my mind after seeing these was the 1957 movie "Abominable Snowman (of the Himalayas)"
  10. Boris Khan

    Dressing for war (bones 4 dire penguin and 2 other penguins)

    did those penguins just whack Frosty?
  11. Boris Khan

    03043 Bugbear shaman... definitely not an orc shaman

    For some reason I seem to remember when he was first released it called him a bugbear shaman. He served as the shaman to the Gorehound goblin tribe my players are the surviving members of. Sweet, and now it comes in the black bones version Well I doooo have a black bones version of him too now, so maybe :) it is now Hey thanks Iridil, and everyone, I really appreciate the comments and that you all like him.
  12. This is the original metal version. I opted to use him as a bugbear instead of an orc.
  13. Boris Khan

    03036 Barbarian

    Dantrag here comes with another short blade in his off hand but I opted to remove it.
  14. Boris Khan

    Witch Hunter, 02861

    Wasn't used as Abram Duskwalker the witch hunter but I love this mini. This is my character, Gideon Nightside
  15. Boris Khan

    The Spartan, 03104

    self explanatory, such a cool figure sculpt