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  1. The chisel brush I use is a size 0. Very short bristles, good for blending which is its main purpose but I use it for bordering sometimes. In general, I am using it's wider surface or for a quick stippling.
  2. Your take looks just dandy. Blood may be too red, maybe wash with a brown based wash or splatter brush some deep purple into i maybe. I also really like Citadel's 'Blood For the Blood God' technical paint. None-the-less, your wendigo looks menacing.
  3. Depends on the circumstance. Dry brushing away from edges, fine point brush and magnifying lamp to re-apply darker, I do use washes but not with the intent of darkening borders, more for recesses. And then there is always the chisel brush which many people overlook.
  4. Another recent finish. He comes with an attachable deer pelt cloak but I preferred the figure with out it.
  5. What I've been working on lately. Human barbarian or ranger type. I've been staring at this mini for a while on the shelf of 'pay attention to me'. Final figured out what I wanted to do.
  6. What I've been working on lately. Human cleric but easily serves as a paladin or fighter-type. It wasn't until I started painting the shield that I realized it was an angel on the shield.
  7. they are for game use. anything i paint is for game use, i'm not a 'for display only' person (not that i have any issues with that). As for quantity, gotta have more than just one or two for an encounter.
  8. I also have this set from decades ago. I enjoyed painting it way back when and have thought of stripping and repainting it but never do because of one thing. It just falls apart, literally. I tried quite a number of methods hold the dragon upright, even using screws and camouflaging the heads of the screws. Just the sheer weight of the pewter dragon bends and warps the tail support so it eventually falls over. It lies in a toppled heap currently, the sad fate of soft pewter.
  9. I thought about removing it but it would have been far too much work unless I planned on completely re-basing it. Just lots of angle working. Had I thought of it, my son has one of those angled detail brushes that may have worked well for the underside.
  10. I needed one of them for a one off adventure so quickly threw some paint on all of them to at least make them table ready, certainly not my best work.
  11. Once again I picked these up when they came out a few months ago. Prepped them and stared at them for a bit then painted something else. I wanted something more than the standard color scheme but still needed to be dark. I opted for a purple and blue design with the lighter underbelly. I, myself, am excited with how they turned out so I went and bought one more to do in a more standardized black and grey motif and am just as happy with it. When I put them next to each other I began thinking that the black one really looks like the others only he is wearing his Batman outfit.
  12. I have been looking at these in the "Drawer of My-Turn Yet?" for over a year, just not knowing what I wanted to do with them. I thought about going with the old AD&D version of using dark greys and blacks but jumped in and went with a more crab-like coloring.
  13. Wizkids/Nolzur's bone naga. I am hoping someone is going to wet themselves when I drop this one the table during a game.
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