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  1. Love this sculpt. Great character in it and your paint job does it justice.
  2. Reaper 03647. I really like this sculpt and I inadvertently / subconsciously painted Edward Kenway it seems.
  3. 02823, 02676, 03660, ???? (coudln't find this ones sku), 03506 (using magnets for interchangeable familiars)
  4. Straight from the covers of the PCs secret romance novels.... we call him Fabius
  5. Everyone should have such a companion. Ever loyal, ever grateful, ever admiring. True hope and love flows through his eyes. Always there to pick you up or provide you with unconditional comfort and support. He bolsters you in moments of sadness, he eagerly joins you in treks, never asking where, why, and are we there yet. He protects you as well as empathizes with you. It is a bond all should have. This is a dedication mini from Dark Sword Miniatures for my best buddy, loyal companion, and constant ally of 10 years. We let him go to rest back in March after a quick onset of bone cancer. I miss him dearly. He is Roosevelt the Dashing.
  6. Top notch. Brilliant idea and executed to perfection. I may try this sometime.
  7. From Dark Sword Miniatures, this is the doberman rogue, DSM8153, from their anthropomorphic line. This line is perfect for anyone searching for something a bit different, ranging from turtle to canine people, feline to avian, hedgehogs, bears, badgers, otters, and even sloths, all in a variety of classes. Sgt Gabriel is reassigned from his excursions in the Two Peaks Squadron. His new duties now include patrolling the borders of the Black Woods providing protection to a cartographer / surveyor along with a Scottish monk that loves to grapple, a kitsune cavalier, a lupine rogue, and their newest associate, a dhampir.
  8. For more fear to drop on your players. Not entirely happy with the face.
  9. Wizkids can be hit or miss on their figures, this bone golem a hit and will surely strike terror into the party's souls.
  10. Looked up eastern diamondbacks for this take. Classic version 03050 and snake form 02833
  11. Got these for some big brute hell hounds. Opened the package and got ready to prep them for painting and was in for a surprise - maybe a little too anatomically correct for a mini, if you get my meaning. Did my best to ignore that feature after deciding not to alter the figures.
  12. I forgot this guy was even in one of my drawers. Went through the drawers picking random things out and found him in "the lost realms". Glad I found him.
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