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  1. This is the original metal version. I opted to use him as a bugbear instead of an orc.
  2. Boris Khan

    03043 Bugbear shaman... definitely not an orc shaman

    For some reason I seem to remember when he was first released it called him a bugbear shaman. He served as the shaman to the Gorehound goblin tribe my players are the surviving members of. Sweet, and now it comes in the black bones version Well I doooo have a black bones version of him too now, so maybe :) it is now Hey thanks Iridil, and everyone, I really appreciate the comments and that you all like him.
  3. Boris Khan

    Witch Hunter, 02861

    Wasn't used as Abram Duskwalker the witch hunter but I love this mini. This is my character, Gideon Nightside
  4. Boris Khan

    03036 Barbarian

    Dantrag here comes with another short blade in his off hand but I opted to remove it.
  5. Boris Khan

    Gladiator, male 03090

    This figure always makes me think of Frazzetta. Love the pose of action.
  6. Boris Khan

    Gladiator, female 03067

    Ready for the arena
  7. Boris Khan

    The Spartan, 03104

    self explanatory, such a cool figure sculpt
  8. Boris Khan

    Amazon 03193

    Actually listed as Carinth the darkelf sorceress, however, when I bought the figure it was because I saw an amazon warrior, not a drow.
  9. Boris Khan


    I have used both these figures for constables and sheriffs and watch commanders. Both are Reaper metals, 02375 and 02586
  10. Boris Khan

    Crates and Kegs

    A variety of chests, crates, and kegs. I'm pretty sure these are all Wizkids/Nolzur items. The chest on the right is my second attempt at NMM.
  11. Boris Khan

    Elf warmage, sunderer, and vigilante

    03195 - Used as a warmage 02569 - listed as an evil cleric but I find this figure can be used for just about every class. In my case, he was an elf fighter, especially good at sundering things. 14152 - listed as a darkspawn but used as Raptor, an elf vigilante. The bone contraption on his back was re-imagined as an enemy cpaturing device called "The Grappler"
  12. Boris Khan

    Elf warmage, sunderer, and vigilante

    For a long time while I was painting him, I couldn't decide on a color for the cloak. Finally, for the heck of it, I started hitting it with oranges and liked where it went.
  13. Boris Khan

    Questionable characters

    Reaper metals 60076, 60053, 02922, and I can't find the fourth figure but was sure it was a Reaper. Couldn't find him in Dark Sword either, maybe someone else recognizes him.
  14. Boris Khan

    Questionable characters

    Thank you, I did look through the Pathfinder line and couldn't find it there prior to this. It is such a good figure for a cityscape setting.
  15. Boris Khan

    Baron on the run

    Mordecai, a human gunsmith and baron on the the run to find his lost sister. I'm pretty sure this is an old Iron Kingdoms mini. And a good argument for not using clear matte sealer spray from Armory, makes him look dusty and dulled down the colors.
  16. Boris Khan

    Lady Pirate 02859

    Meet Azmodea (Melisande Wavecutter 02859) the swashbuckling elf - well according to my wife's character sheet. This is an older mini I painted around 2012 maybe. I have considered going back and hitting the older figures but I have far too many new ones waiting to be painted.
  17. Boris Khan

    Flame snake - 03676

    Reaper's giant snake done in the manner of the Fiend Folio 3.5's flame snake.
  18. Boris Khan

    Crates and Kegs

    Thanks, I figured I'd make some water damaged from sitting in a lost pirate cave
  19. Boris Khan

    Dark Age squad

    These are some figures I bought in a set a long time ago as they were on clearance and have finally decided to paint them. I totally forgot what brand they were but have been informed they are from Dark Age miniatures.
  20. Boris Khan

    meanwhile at the Gravedigger's...

    Townsfolk VI (02845) - Grave digger and henchman and Coffin (03685).
  21. Boris Khan

    meanwhile at the Gravedigger's...

    I have found the gravedigger is one of my more used minis, he shows up in just about every campaign we play, being used as a different NPC and PC in each.
  22. Boris Khan

    GW Three hunters

    they vaguely remind me of someone but I can't quit figure it out... very well done. and I feel your pain, I find myself constantly buying Reaper 60057
  23. i can't wait to see the whole circus in one shot.
  24. Boris Khan

    Halloween Knight

    That knight is truly amazing. I love everything about it but especially the coffin lid as a shield. Excellent paint job and basing. Now I want that mini.
  25. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    Two 4-pack sets of Reaper goblins