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    Lady Pirate 02859

    Meet Azmodea (Melisande Wavecutter 02859) the swashbuckling elf - well according to my wife's character sheet. This is an older mini I painted around 2012 maybe. I have considered going back and hitting the older figures but I have far too many new ones waiting to be painted.
  2. Boris Khan

    Flame snake - 03676

    Reaper's giant snake done in the manner of the Fiend Folio 3.5's flame snake.
  3. Boris Khan

    Crates and Kegs

    Thanks, I figured I'd make some water damaged from sitting in a lost pirate cave
  4. Boris Khan

    Dark Age squad

    These are some figures I bought in a set a long time ago as they were on clearance and have finally decided to paint them. I totally forgot what brand they were but have been informed they are from Dark Age miniatures.
  5. Boris Khan

    meanwhile at the Gravedigger's...

    Townsfolk VI (02845) - Grave digger and henchman and Coffin (03685).
  6. Boris Khan

    meanwhile at the Gravedigger's...

    I have found the gravedigger is one of my more used minis, he shows up in just about every campaign we play, being used as a different NPC and PC in each.
  7. Boris Khan

    GW Three hunters

    they vaguely remind me of someone but I can't quit figure it out... very well done. and I feel your pain, I find myself constantly buying Reaper 60057
  8. i can't wait to see the whole circus in one shot.
  9. Boris Khan

    Halloween Knight

    That knight is truly amazing. I love everything about it but especially the coffin lid as a shield. Excellent paint job and basing. Now I want that mini.
  10. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    Two 4-pack sets of Reaper goblins
  11. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    fine tipped brushes, lots of lighting, even more squinting, lol
  12. Boris Khan

    Cal and Aponne

    Wow, really a superb job there. Great mini and wonderfully painted. I now have ideas popping up for a new band of highwaymen!
  13. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    nope those are 'as is' except the mounting on the bases. The stone strip in the middle is the base they come on but I stuck them on 1" rounds with basing.
  14. Boris Khan

    Undead werewolf 02132

    This was fun to paint
  15. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    thank you, colorfulness is next to gaudiness
  16. Boris Khan


    Sorry, I'm not sure what company made this mini.
  17. Boris Khan

    Zarion Bloodnail - Reaper 03304

    Wasn't sure if the green enameling was going to work but I like the results. I couldn't find a Bones version of him either.
  18. Boris Khan

    Dead Man's Chest - Reaper 03518

    Yo ho ho. Didn't have to work this morning so did this instead.
  19. I renamed him Swath, as in a cuts a swath through enemy forces. His sword is named "Judging Betty".
  20. Boris Khan

    Ragnaros - Reaper 03374, Bones 77150

    I had this figure sitting for years because the more I looked at it the more I disliked the proportions of him. Finally decided to paint him and now I really like how he turned out, although he is still very bulky looking.
  21. Boris Khan

    Half orc assassin - Reaper 60057

    And my last half orc in this current run...
  22. Boris Khan

    Half orc assassin - Reaper 60057

    This is the third version of him I have painted. Two of my boys and I decided to do a Christmas theme of minis for the oldest son. I took this guy and a dog from a Pathfinder goblin-rider (60014) and turned them into the Grinch and his pet Max, complete with tied on branch antler. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them an he lives in WA.
  23. Boris Khan

    Tholgar the barbarian - Reaper 03197

    alas, another half orc just to cover my bases.
  24. Another half orc, good for a bounty hunter, ranger, slayer, assassin. Probably should have added a bow string.
  25. My son uses this one as Dredd the Executioner.