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  1. Boris Khan

    Scourge Devil (03527)

    I'll get it based better sometime.
  2. Boris Khan


    The middle one looks like some might call him.... Tim. nice work.
  3. Boris Khan

    77185 Large Earth Elemental

    Just like what everyone else is thinking and will say, the fossil in an earth elemental is stinking brilliant! Love it. Is the fossil actually part of the Bones mold or did you add it? I've never seen that figure.
  4. Boris Khan

    Scourge Devil (03527)

    That's pretty much what I've been thinking of doing, possibly adding a flayed victim.
  5. Boris Khan

    Cave Troll - Bones 77004 (Reaper 02416)

    Looking at it live, there is a much better appearance to the purplish bruising around the warts base and the pus warts themselves are pretty gross looking.
  6. Boris Khan

    Scourge Devil (03527)

    Thanks, I'm pretty happy with it. Just need to do a base sometime.
  7. Boris Khan

    02557 - The Druid or Cleric

    I use him as a juggernaut cleric in Pathfinder.
  8. Boris Khan

    14062 - Warlord

    I think there's a bit of Jason Momoa in there. Had big plans for him as a big-bad enemy berzerker general - and then the hero one-shot killed him. I was greatly saddened. RIP Solomon Ash.
  9. Boris Khan

    03185 - The Burning Hammer

    Used him as a knight rather than a cleric.
  10. Boris Khan

    80016 Space Marine into a Warforged

    Did this a few years ago. Turned the Bones 80016 IMEF marine into a Warforged.
  11. Boris Khan

    The Samurai

    A samurai I have but for the life of me can't find a reference number. I'm positive it's an older Reaper/Dark Heaven mini as I got it at the same time as a three pack 03460 (which is comprised of 02402, 02438, and 02505).
  12. Boris Khan

    02291 - Highlander

    My highlander monk, now named Lochlan McIntyre
  13. Boris Khan

    03346 - The Bonecracker

    nope, comes with the figure.
  14. Boris Khan

    The Samurai

    That's not the same mini in your link but since you mention it, I do think you are right and it is a Legend of the Five Rings mini
  15. Boris Khan

    The Samurai

    I don't think so, I remember buying it as a single figure along with the three pack of samurai (Reaper 03460). I don't see it in the Reaper, Dark Heaven, Bushido, Exalted, or Rising Sun lines.It's an older figure and iIt did come with a metal slotted square base rather than a plastic one.
  16. Boris Khan

    Bones Ladies (Terezinya, Nienna, Trista)

    great looks and I especially love Terezinya's base and Trista's shield
  17. Boris Khan

    Samurai 02438

    Did this up for a trade.
  18. Deep in the forgotten places lurks the beasts... Sasquatch 03029, Yeti 02697, and the Swamp beast 02496
  19. Boris Khan

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    Hey, I know them ogres, I even got one of their lost tribe mates! Tribe Wilson stay strong! But seriously, such a great job.
  20. Boris Khan

    The Oxenfre

    Hey there Chaos, Yes, I did make the inn itself. It is named after a place my son just left in Brookings, OR when he moved to Washington. I haven't posted WIP pics of it but I do have them. Also there is a more complete set of photos on my facebook pageand in the Tabletop Crafters Guild page there also.
  21. Boris Khan

    The Oxenfre

    My last few postings have had the employees and patrons of a bar I crafted for my son. I was asked to put the whole scene together so here you go. Included are some patrons that my other sons painted to contribute to the set. The figures used by them are: 60169, 60017, 60046, 60154, 60136, and a Wizkids barbarian.
  22. Boris Khan

    Wizkids variety

    Here are the rest of my commoners for The Oxenfre Inn. Includes in no particular order: Wizkids cart, oxen, town guard two pack, gargoyle, 'commoner' (the guy with the rake and aristocrat), barmaid 2 pack, merchants 2 pack, children two pack (the cat is from Reaper figure 60169), and Bones 77088 Gramma townsfolk (lady with broom), and Bones 77140 townsfolk villager with torch.
  23. Boris Khan

    Wizkids variety

    Just a bit of flat shoestring Medford
  24. Boris Khan

    The Oxenfre

    I'm guessing you're not in my town otherwise you could probably join up. We need fresh faces and ideas
  25. Boris Khan

    Wizkids Rusty Dragon Inn bar set

    The Wizkids bar set and keg pack which I used for partial furnishings of The Oxenfre.