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  1. Boris Khan

    Wizkids variety

    okay, you asked for it. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81503-the-oxenfre/
  2. Boris Khan

    Wizkids variety

    yes, as mentioned it is from Reaper mini 60169. I painted it as my son's childhood cat, Tonga. It's now the bar cat so you can put it anywhere.
  3. Boris Khan

    The Howlbears - the band

    Figures include: 77208 the Flutist, The two lutist and violinist are from 3 different Wizkids bard packs, and 50070 the Drummer
  4. Boris Khan

    The Howlbears - the band

    Tell me more of this Gnome of War
  5. Boris Khan

    Alchemist mischief!

    I like that it looks like the dragon is trying to peek over her shoulder to read the text.
  6. Boris Khan

    The Howlbears - the band

    Baldur9762 - I crafted a large tavern for my son for his birthday and this was the band I made for the bar.
  7. Boris Khan

    The Howlbears - the band

    Sorry for some of the fuzzy pics. Each band member had their own story as I painted them. Lead singer - 80s hair band inspiration. He thinks he's better than the rest and is contemplating a solo career. While he's good, he's not that good. He wears a little too much 'guy-liner', the zebra stripe bandana, fake muscle shirt because he only works out his arms, his bleached hair needs redone. The Female lute player - she's backup vocals, free spirit, leaning more towards a gypsy feel of music. The Violinist - she's obviously around with alternate and secret plans and jobs for those noticing the Assassin's Creed scheme The Flutist - she is by far the most talent member of the band as she looses herself into the music and pulls everyone together through her playing, unfortunately, the others overpower her sounds. The Drummer - he's the second most talented and the best singer but never sings, he prefers to be the chill one the gets the crowd worked up.
  8. Boris Khan

    Bar staff

    part of a 14 day mass painting which ended up with 24 figures and 20 pieces of furnishings (variety of Reaper, Bones, and Wizkids) Bones figures: Bartender - 77084, Barmaid - 77085, Strumpet - 77086
  9. Boris Khan


    I think my favorite detail is the lucha libre mask style painting of the skulls. The whole thing is fantastic and makes me feel lazy in my painting.
  10. Boris Khan

    Andre Durand Conversion 80005

    Is that a Hellboy?
  11. Boris Khan

    Bombshell Miniatures Dryad

    very similar sculpt to the Lorelei 03154 figure
  12. Boris Khan

    A bunch of Large-sized D&D monsters

    I wants the 'not-a-girallon'. That looks great.
  13. Boris Khan

    Draco the Barbarian - "Birthright"

    Instantly thought of Gannicus from "Spartacus". Fantastic figure.
  14. Boris Khan

    Reaper Leisynn Mercenary Mage

    Makes me think of a great and powerful wizard that some call..... Tim?
  15. Boris Khan

    D&D Versions of Classic Rivals

    These were birthday presents for my son that I did over the past month. These are some D&D versions inspired by a great rivals. It's my first posting so please forgive me if the listing is large. Figures used were: 60058 for Mr Freeze, 50072 for Mad Hatter 50311 for Scarecrow, 50018 for Bane 03678 for Penguin, 02720 for Riddler 03154 for Poison Ivy, 50041 for Catwoman 60161 for The Joker, and 60159 for Harley Quinn
  16. Boris Khan

    D&D Versions of Classic Rivals

    Actually I do, I just have to get the figures. I won't give it away yet with what figures I'll use but will definitely post them up here.
  17. Boris Khan

    D&D Versions of Classic Rivals

    Thank you for the kind words. My son loves them and is already making up NPCs for them. The lighting is a bit off on some of them and I wish I had realized the Riddler was out of focus, you can barely see his symbol on his tabard.
  18. Boris Khan

    Herryk, dwarf cleric (77220)

    As a "second attempt" this is not bad. As for your concerns on the cloak highlights, let them blend together and avoid definitive lines of highlight seperation. Use all of your colors at the same time for the cloak, let them bleed and use dry brushing (dip in paint and use a piece of paper to wipe most of the paint off brush then graze across the raised edges for highlighting) works pretty well for this.