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  1. Our last name is Howell so it serves a double meaning . I hearby claim TM on the name but that doesn't mean they can't make a visit to your local tavern.
  2. So a few years ago I built my son a inn tavern from xps foam and filled it with furniture and commoners including a band (The Howlbears). Well the other day I dug through my pile of forgotten figures of little interest and found the other halves of the Wizkid two pack bards. After shaving off the instruments of two of them and some table ready paint jobs, I came up with a whole new trio of npcs. So meet Brudi, Glenda, and Rinna, the not-so-bardic trio.
  3. Cloak of Stone, D&D 3.5 magic item
  4. Reaper's Brother Roberto has been my Mr. Forscale for other minis. Well, I decided to paint him up and move him to NPC-in-waiting. Now it's a matter of whether he will be saintly or nefarious.
  5. Here's a few Bones freebies I got a while ago, decided to slap some paint on them to move them out of the project bin. Ingrid - 77167 Sorceress - 77057 Gwyddis - 77481 Pirate - 77134
  6. got pics of the voodoo guy and the female to his right? I would like to see shots of them and the strongman and the guy behind him. Is that a separate link? Love this group either way. edit: ok found them by searching for Circus, you posted them some time ago. Thanks and great job
  7. all are from the wizkids line except the wardog (Reaper 14208 and Bones 77422)
  8. After scrubbing it down with soap and water, the cube portion is two washes, Citadel's Biel-tan green and then a spotting of Athonian camoshade. Afterwards is a light drybrushing with Citadel Ogrym camo paint. The slime circle is done inside and out the same way with the washes but no paint except for the round 'base'. The floater bits are using various Citadel paints and a light hit with some red wash for dissolving effect. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Gelatinous cube - safer than releasing carrion crawlers to serve as your dungeon cleaning service and you don't want kobolds with brooms and dustpans running all over, they lose track of their job duties and make traps everywhere.
  10. Please forgive the last slightly out of focus pic.
  11. A variety of mouslings from Reaper. Lots of pics, thanks.
  12. This figure sat around in my drawer for a long time. I only bought it because my wife liked it and I was uninspired to paint it. I decided to do it just to get it out of the way but then I got into it and it became pretty fun trying to do a variety of tattoos. I thought about doing PIG IRON in classic calligraphy font but settled for PCE (Pork Chop Express) on the rear cheek. The red arrows on the shoulders was something I got from a Robert Crais book, just like the meaning of them. It says LIV on his right hand and DIE on his left. Thanks for looking, lots of pics.
  13. One of my favorite beasties, so much they come in packs. A little work with a heat gun to reposition tentacles and tails. Time to make my players cry.
  14. Brother Roberto, 03561 (no current Bones version). Yes the cage pops off the wood floor base and allows a figure to be placed within, just no outstretched arms or such.
  15. Nope, I knew legends of the wendigo for a long time but haven't heard of Blackwood. Will check it out. There is a wendigo in one of the late episodes of Sleepy Hollow that look pretty cool.
  16. The cold and bitter winds rage through the trees until they too break and wisp away leaving behind swirling snow and mists. It walks through the darkness, its craving drawing it nearer, it senses the flesh of the party who huddle near the pitiful fire trying to keep warm. They all notice internally that Gregry hasn't been seen for hours but all fear voicing their concerns. A shadow moves on a mound out amongst the birch trees ravaged by the blizzard. Something is out there, something hunting, something ravenous... The Wendigo (Reaper 03673).
  17. Hangman's gibbet- Reaper Bones Black 77619 and the iron maiden, rack, and cage are Wizkids Deep Cuts
  18. The feathered serpent
  19. Paint schemes are based on actual spiders out their in our real world. So after literally 25 years of sitting on my shelf with black primer on them, I finally decided to paint these 1995 sculpt Reaper spiders. Also is the Bones spider 77025.
  20. Thank you I tried to keep the skulls on the outside of the wings subtle, there are red Venom eyes markings on the inside of the wings which are more so. Only one person has noticed them and that was him holding the figure and looking at it.
  21. This duo sat on my shelf waiting for so long, I forgot why I even bought the figures. Just wasn't interested in getting them painted. Well I finally moved them across the table to the complete shelf.
  22. Listed as a young fire dragon, I opted to go green with it.
  23. Decided to try out a molten style base and an early attempt at OSL.
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