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  1. Nice work! I really like the glowing quality you've given to such a mystical creature.
  2. Very nice! And I generally agree with what others are saying (Great skin tones, cool ice-weapon, maybe a brown wash would improve the yellow, etc.) I'll also add that I like what you've done with the cloak, echoing the comic image.
  3. Hey Everyone, Thanks for the warm welcome! This critter was definitely a fun one to start on. I just finished up my take on the Dragon Turtle the other day-- another really fun one-- so I'll post that soon. @Knarthex, I sculpt a variety of miniature-related stuff in different media; primarily terrain nowadays. I'm the guy behind Griffin Tamer Studio, if you've ever heard of that, and I also work with Dwarven Forge. @Vegascat, yeah, the vent behind the 'fin' on the critter is an interesting detail. Maybe a sort of gill so it can breath air while still mostly submerged in loose eart
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm a new member here. I see there are a lot of talented people showing their work and I look forward to seeing more in the days ahead! Although I sculpt professionally I am pretty new to miniature painting; I've only done half a dozen or so thus far, as unfortunately I rarely have the time I'd like to devote to it. But I backed the Bones II Kickstarter and have finally started in on some favorites from that fine big pile of minis. And I'm definitely finding that the more I paint, the more I want to paint... Anyhow, here's my first Bones mini: the Burrowing Horror.
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