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  1. The Final Sculpt of the alternate Kaz Khan has been completed! On to printing and casting! If you would like to see the rest of the NSFW Court of the Sultana project, check out the images at the link on IMGUR below: https://imgur.com/a/NhY3BnP
  2. I found some newly designed pieces from this project I can share that are not NSFW, but for the entire image set at IMGUR check here and let me know any thoughts: https://imgur.com/a/NhY3BnP
  3. Wow, it has been awhile, but we are getting this printed and mastered right now. All but one sculpt is finished and view-able at Backerkit.com. Let us know what you think!!
  4. Thanks Smokestack! I was working on setting up Backerkit, and thought to check here! We went straight from finishing the Kickstarter to Gary Con, then to Tax season. When Backerkit opens up we will start it with "Image Not Yet Available", and "Concept Images" from the work in progress renders that we do have. We will replace the concept images when we get our final concepts together, and leave everyone's Backerkit orders open to be adjusted till all the miniatures have images & representation in pewter to show what everyone will actually receive.
  5. I had that association as well!! Haha @everyone Over 800%... Awesome!!! thanks so much for the support comments and interest! The last hour approaches and we can add 1 more figure if we can get those last 19 backers to make it to 300 total backers!!!
  6. Thanks for your continued interest in what we are doing! Very glad to here a vote for the terrain pieces! There is that pic of the male slave in the updates... Not many complaints there from the women I know. That is something to think on. We continue to learn how best to approach projects, and feel we are getting closer to a decent system.
  7. Getting some good feedback from the community about how the guards that were unlocked in the stretch goals should be designed. This is a very fun project to have everyone involved in.
  8. I like the idea. It is hard to limit a project once the ideas start rolling in, but since we chose a mature theme with this we realize a certain group will be turned away, so including pg or pg-13 at this point is likely too late. Not to say that future projects would not have colder nights where covering up is more suitable.
  9. Nice! Are there any groups that run Conan that we should send a link to?
  10. Nice! We were not sure how well a scenic set would be received. The major trend has been seriously game related, although this set has us inspired to create adventure modules, but we will just wait and see how well this goes.
  11. Thanks! There are metal casts of some of the figures toward the bottom of the Kickstarter, if you are looking for a general idea of print to cast quality. Throughout this project we will likely be designing additional Add-ins or stretch goals. Occasionally, as time permits some more prints will make it into molds and test casts, but time will tell.
  12. Thanks, amuler! ---- Sure thing samurai, I could not remember but I knew they had some policy.
  13. Glad to see you can get some use of these Joshua. ---- You had me going for a minute gadgetman... haha ---- Amuller - the only pledge that includes stretch goals is the whole court.
  14. Find the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497254986/court-of-the-sultana-by-effincool-miniatures?ref=5vt7of WARNING, it is on the more mature artistic nude side of things.
  15. Hello everyone we are venturing into the Kickstarter realm again with a fully digital to cast project. Warning this one is on the artistic nude side, so be careful if at work or sensitive area... "In the desert realm of Tharaa, summer’s heat lies as heavily upon the lavish court of the Sultana as it does upon the simple shops and homes of her subjects. Yet they are the ones who rejoice with the cool evening zephyrs that race refreshingly through their markets stalls, tents, and villas; breezes that never seem to reach the perfumed halls of the Sultana’s court. On those stifling, windless, near endless days; comfort, pleasure, and even mere distraction elude the powerful ruler. Her great wealth, her many servants, and her countless possessions seem more burden than blessing. On those days when clothing itself seems a pointless effort, the beauty and power of the human form acts as reminder that modesty can be a needless vanity..." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497254986/court-of-the-sultana-by-effincool-miniatures?ref=5vt7of
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