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  1. I will definitely be taking better pictures today. After getting some much needed sleep and looking at them this morning, I definitely notice some of the detail left out in these
  2. After completing my first mini ever yesterday (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64687-my-very-first-mini-03427-halbarand), I couldn't wait to take a crack at my next project. I had an absolute BLAST painting this one. I felt like my brush control was a lot better, and I applied a much more even base to start with. My patience is starting to flow with the process, and my concentration was through the roof! This took all together roughly 3 hours, but felt like it was 30 minutes. Do any of you feel like you need to just close your eyes for a while after you finish one? LOL, they def
  3. Amazing! I just completed my first mini as well and I am pretty jealous. Great job man!
  4. Thanks a ton guys! It is so motivating to know you guys like it, especially after taking a look at the work you guy have put in yourselves! Went ahead and decided to also search for the same mini being painted here and WOW... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59016-human-clerics-14036-03427-hammer-time/?hl=03427 Absolutely gorgeous. This is what I will strive for!
  5. Thanks so much for all the advice and the kudos! I am addicted right now to watching Youtube videos. Does anyone have any they recommend for humanoids in general?
  6. Thanks! It really is intimidating posting this here considering some of the amazing work I see, but I feel as if this is something that I really can get into. I had an absolute blast painting this, and it is surprisingly therapeutic! Hours seemingly go by like minutes!
  7. This is my very first attempt at a mini. I dont have an artistic background and I know there are alot of things i could have done better. I've learned so much with this attempt that I cant wait to apply to my next one! (P.S. - ANY criticism is welcome!)
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