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  1. Paint Set, Caddy, and Ghoulie Bag came in today! Here are a couple pictures of just the caddy with 54 paints in it. I think I recall reading that the caddy holds 112, but even though I have more - I just wanted to show what a Build-Your-Own paint set looks like. The little dividers at the bottom/front of the caddy are fixed. But it comes with some other dividers that you can then use to make differently-sized areas. That way if it isn't full, your paints don't just slide all over the place. Anyway, one picture is sort of overhead so that you can see how much room in a caddy a paint
  2. I can do that! When it comes to my list, don't forget that I already had 11 paints from the Learn to Paint kit. They are listed in the original post. :)
  3. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Just placed my order, so should be within the Ghoulie Bag start. Now eagerly awaiting the arrival. /sits on the floor in front of the door, Scott Pilgrim-style :)
  4. Ooooooo I like free stuff! Thanks for the heads-up! I'll still get the caddy though, right? I'm going to NEED the caddy to hold all that haha!
  5. OK, presumed-final list is as follows: 9004 Fire Red 9005 Phoenix Red 9006 Fire Orange 9010 Pine Green 9011 Leaf Green 9012 Pale Green 9016 Sapphire Blue 9018 Sky Blue 9022 Nightshade Purple 9023 Imperial Purple 9024 Amethyst Purple 9028 Muddy Brown 9029 Earth Brown 9049 Ancient Bronze 9050 Antique Gold 9058 Bone Shadow 9059 Aged Bone 9060 Polished Bone 9061 Linen White 9063 Ghost White 9064 Brown Liner 9067 Rosy Shadow 9068 Rosy Skin 9073 Chestnut Gold 9074 Palomino Gold 9075 Bucksin Pale 9086 Stone Grey 9087 Weathered Stone 9091 Golden Shadow 9092 Golden Skin 9093 Golden Highlight 9102
  6. OK, from everyone's MUCH-appreciated feedback, I've adjusted my list. It is organized by Triad - even though several are not using all 3 colors. Also, for reference, don't forget that I already have some colors from the Learn to Paint kit in case some obvious ones are missing. (See the original post for that list) 9710 Warm Deep Browns (9028 Muddy Brown, 9029 Earth Brown) 9713 Neutral Colors (9038 Rainy Grey) 9718 Silver Metallics (9052 Shadowed Steel) 9729 Stone Colors (9086 Stone Grey, 9087 Weathered Stone) 9746 Classic Browns (9136 Walnut Brown, 9138 Intense Brown) 9767 Autumn Br
  7. I am looking to build a 54-paint set that will compliment the Learn to Paint kit that I already have. I don't get many opportunities to drop a bunch of cash all at once like this, so I am trying to put together something that will last me a while. Just piecing it together a few at a time leaves too many "If only I had ... " situations hehe. So I'd like to just go out and do up a set. Bonus is that it will also net me a caddy to keep them in. Anyway, I want to cover the most-commonly used/needed colors for basic fantasy/D&D gaming. As a beginner to painting, I need the colors that s
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