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  1. New update rolling out now that includes the Heartbreak Red Special paint (we assumed it would be a real thing ).
  2. The search only uses bottle name or SKU as of now, so that would make sense. It doesn't use brand or "category".
  3. You can search with the magnifying glass for SKU or paint name (on Android you need to be in the library for ALL or AMMO first). I'd recommend switching to List View first. You can also disable the megaFilter completely at the top of the filter drawer in case you're filtering something out.
  4. New update rolling out now that includes the new Reaper holiday colors! Also added a much requested feature to be able to use color matching by loading an image from file.
  5. One thing we've discussed is adding a Discontinued flag to the database to signal to the user "they don't make this paint anymore". Perhaps it's another checkbox in the megaFilter and on the paint view there's a little "D" in the corner or something to signal it's gone. It might be a bit of a challenge because it's another thing to track for us, but maybe we could make it user-editable and people could do it themselves? As for notes, some people have asked for straight up text notes where they could comment about X paint ("Too matte", "bottle almost empty"), etc. That's a whole other thing.
  6. You're not the first to ask about this. Would it be something where it would be something filterable in the megaFilter? And what kind of notes are you looking for?
  7. Did not realize we were missing any. Can you send us photos/barcodes of the Smores/Seasons Greetings/Winter Snow triads? Actually, I think we're only missing Dreidel Blue from the Winter Snow set (and we have all of the Holiday Classics). Automatically, currently, no. It's not really designed for that at the moment. But in Settings you can export from one device and import into another.
  8. The latest update is rolling out now - largely a database update including this Reaper set!
  9. Stay tuned as they'll be in the next update!
  10. The new update (iOS 1.9.0 and Android 1.42) are both rolling out now. We've got all the Reapercon paints in there (and added support for DecoArt). Also added the ability to show bottle counts on top of the paint circles if desired (turn on in Settings).
  11. It's a bit confusing because I think some bottles that were originally Bones are now Core Colors as far as I can see. For instance, 29115 Radiation Burn is now on the Core Colors main page but I believe it was originally "Bones". https://www.reapermini.com/paints/master-series-paints-core-colors
  12. The 6 bottles in this set: https://www.reapermini.com/search/reapercon2021/latest/01665 Also, they're referred to as "Fast Palette". Would these still be considered "Core Colors" as far as bottle groupings go?
  13. Anybody at Reapercon got their hands on the Gloom & Grave or Dungeon Dwellers paint sets? We're looking to do another paintRack update and we need the photos of the front and barcodes of those bottles.
  14. We've had a few requests for Winsor & Newton (probably midway down the request list), but I've never heard of Gamblin before. I'll add Gamblin to the request list.
  15. Oops. I forgot Bones technically start at 09400 and these are 093XX. I'll swap them to "Core Colors" next time.
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