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  1. We've had a few requests for Winsor & Newton (probably midway down the request list), but I've never heard of Gamblin before. I'll add Gamblin to the request list.
  2. Oops. I forgot Bones technically start at 09400 and these are 093XX. I'll swap them to "Core Colors" next time.
  3. The new update (1.8.0 in iOS and 1.41.0 in Android) is rolling out now that includes the new Reaper Bones V paints and a few bug fixes.
  4. feedback at courageousoctopus.com works!
  5. An extremely helpful user (Chris!) sent us the photos of the barcodes so they juuuuuuust skinned in to catch our release we're looking to do this week.
  6. Good news! We just released 1.6.0 for iOS that brings the one missing feature from Android: using the camera to pick your colors to match against. Please grab the update now and let us know if anything goes haywire. Look for another release in the near future with a massive paint database update!
  7. Got the latest Reaper paints in the release of paintRack rolling out right now (from the Virtual conference). Thanks to Chris for sending in the photos!
  8. Hopefully you're using the RapidScan feature when available! But yes, Scott and I are thinking about a manual way to more quickly enter the paints.
  9. Yes, it is a great idea and high on our request list!
  10. New update rolling out (1.38 Android, 1.4 iOS) that includes support for the 5 special Reaper paints that were in the Mystery Bags. Since they have fake barcodes, can't scan them but you can search by name and add them manually. Assuming they become 'real boys' in the future, we'll update them with the SKU and barcodes then.
  11. If you email us photos of the the front and barcodes of the missing bottles, happy to add them next update. For discontinued lines, probably will need to wait until our custom paints support is done.
  12. New update tonight - includes the ability to re-order your manufacturer brand list manually/alphabetically. Enjoy.
  13. This has been requested a number of times. It's technically doable, but it's a bit tricky because it is contextual - in a set you want to maintain the order, in a library it's linked to your filtering/sorting preferences which currently the paint view knows nothing about. TBH while it's on our request list we currently have bigger fish to fry, as they say. Hopefully the back button takes you right back to where you left off though without losing your spot. We do want to add a statistics page sooner rather than later which should cover the second half ask. So if you have specific st
  14. There is an update rolling out now which includes these and the Reaper Brinewind paints.
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