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  1. This has been requested a number of times. It's technically doable, but it's a bit tricky because it is contextual - in a set you want to maintain the order, in a library it's linked to your filtering/sorting preferences which currently the paint view knows nothing about. TBH while it's on our request list we currently have bigger fish to fry, as they say. Hopefully the back button takes you right back to where you left off though without losing your spot. We do want to add a statistics page sooner rather than later which should cover the second half ask. So if you have specific stats you want to see (instantaneous, not historical graphs as we don't track it over time), do let us know. One thing that has been suggested is to track out of prints and have a flag people can turn off and on in settings (and probably some sort of visual representation). Scans would still work - maybe a modified manual search. It's on my radar.
  2. Brinewind paints are now in the app as of iOS v1.2!
  3. There is an update rolling out now which includes these and the Reaper Brinewind paints.
  4. To be honest, this is the first I'd heard they exist! Send me an email at jeff at courageousoctopus.com with photos of the front and barcodes of the bottles and I can easily add them next round.
  5. We just launched an update to both iOS and Android that brings pigment support finally to the app with I believe 9 brands. Also, the iOS update fixes a few bugs reported by users. And the normal battery of update bottle information :D.
  6. I will add your vote for that. We actually did have that in some of our early prototypes, but what we found was most paint lines don't have enough discrete colors to be useful. It's something more complicated that we need to revisit.
  7. Backup/restore in the Settings works across both. Meaning, you can backup from Android and restore to iOS.
  8. If anything is missing, simply email us photos of the front and barcodes of each bottle. In the case of Scale75, they use their own (crappy) barcodes, so it could just be that they're not scanning properly. You can always search by name with the magnifying glass at the top.
  9. Hey everyone, At long last we have launched the iOS version of paintRack. This has been requested for so long and we've been working on it for many months. Please give it a download and let us know how it goes! You can grab it here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/paintrack/id1490523130 If you're not aware of the app, we made the original Android app in response to not finding the apps out there satisfactory for tracking paint collections. You can track all your paints across 40+ brands (including Reaper!), keep a wish list, scan the barcodes to import them, find matches/complementary/triads/analogous colors for bottles, and track your recipes for your models. As always, we are open to suggestions from the community. Rapid Scan and Color Match distances came from user suggestions, and we originally didn't have auxiliary bottles in the app until it was requested way back at ReaperCon 2017! Cheers, Jeff & Scott PS: For those who know the Android app, there is one feature currently missing which is the color picker from camera. We will add it in in an upcoming iOS update - we figured it was better to launch now rather than wait for a while longer. We may also add the common request for picking colors from an image you load from file.
  10. iOS version of paintRack now available, @Highlander: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/paintrack/id1490523130
  11. Pre-release page just appeared in case you want to pre-get it: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/paintrack/id1490523130 I'll post a more formal post when it's released on Saturday!
  12. The new update is out now, 1.34, including those Reaper fixes. The iOS version is deep into private beta now and I expect to have a final release candidate in the next few weeks here.
  13. We are in internal testing trying to work the kinks out of the last few features. We're as far as launching release candidates into Apple Testflight for Scott and me to test. So...soon? Common refrain I know :). Let's see how far we get this week. I was able to track down the rest of the barcodes for the new missing paints (thanks to an email and other sources). I have them primed for the next update. As for those weird duplicates (double Pale Saffron and Twilight Purple), I'm going to chalk them up as a misprint on Reaper's behalf and mark them as deprecated so they won't show up anymore in the next update.
  14. Please email (jeff at courageousoctopus.com) or DM me photos/barcodes of that that first set. We have them in there under the old HD numbers but I know Reaper has been slowly relabeling them. As for the dupes, I'm afraid those exist in real life! I have photos of both. The first of each set were the double labeled paints that had the old 29XXX label AND the new 09XXX label. I will correct the Brigh Bronze, thanks!
  15. We'll probably send a call for testers via the iOS mailing list first: http://eepurl.com/c1c9ff
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