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  1. The new update is out now, 1.34, including those Reaper fixes. The iOS version is deep into private beta now and I expect to have a final release candidate in the next few weeks here.
  2. We are in internal testing trying to work the kinks out of the last few features. We're as far as launching release candidates into Apple Testflight for Scott and me to test. So...soon? Common refrain I know :). Let's see how far we get this week. I was able to track down the rest of the barcodes for the new missing paints (thanks to an email and other sources). I have them primed for the next update. As for those weird duplicates (double Pale Saffron and Twilight Purple), I'm going to chalk them up as a misprint on Reaper's behalf and mark them as deprecated so they won't show up anymore in the next update.
  3. Please email (jeff at courageousoctopus.com) or DM me photos/barcodes of that that first set. We have them in there under the old HD numbers but I know Reaper has been slowly relabeling them. As for the dupes, I'm afraid those exist in real life! I have photos of both. The first of each set were the double labeled paints that had the old 29XXX label AND the new 09XXX label. I will correct the Brigh Bronze, thanks!
  4. We'll probably send a call for testers via the iOS mailing list first: http://eepurl.com/c1c9ff
  5. We hope everyone is staying safe out there and getting some good painting in, given the COVID-19 isolation going on. We released a new version of paintRack that was largely a big infusion of new bottles including the new Reaper box set. Start your scanners! As for iOS, we are just about done the initial release candidate (to start testing it) so stay tuned for that while we work out the details.
  6. Yup, that's us. We're legit working on it - let's call it chest deep in it. In 2017 we were more ankle deep in it :). Turns out it's a ton of work to re-build an entire app from scratch while learning new tech. We had a demo build at Reapercon 2019.
  7. According to paintRack algorithms, Secret Weapon Principality Purple is a close match.
  8. A new update just went out with the new CAV paints and Reaper Specials, amongst other changes. Enjoy.
  9. Thanks! We love the support. The best two things people can do for us is send us barcodes of stuff we're missing and tell their friends about us. :) And we'll keep on chugging.
  10. OK, I've got the info for the new CAV and Mission Models now so I'll be looking to add them soon.
  11. Those have been in there for a while (a release or two ago). I know they have since released a few metallics which I will get in a future update.
  12. @Talae send us an email with photos of the paint bottle names and barcodes and we can add them soon.
  13. Can you link me? This is the first I've heard of it.
  14. We just released a new update that corrects those problems with the new Reaper paints. Enjoy!
  15. Quick reminder that this is the final version of the app that supports Google Drive imports. So if you haven't already, please do click the new back up button. See attached photo. Tomorrow Google will prevent app devs from building their apps with the Google Drive library. It will stop working completely in December.
  16. Will fix those up in the next update. Should be sometime in the next month as I need to rip out the Google Drive stuff before December.
  17. The new update including all the Pathfinder and Reapercon triad paints just went live! Let us know if anything weird happens ;).
  18. Not sure where we originally got it from but if you send me an email with a paint swatch out of the bottle I can tweak it.
  19. Yup, got them all processed and will be in the next update. Including the Reapercon triad.
  20. Question to the crowd, I'm getting some reports of bottles having TWO SKUs. Such as Dragon Blue having both 29815 AND 09472 (and having a new barcode). Is this the transition from HD to Bones? I don't see the 09472 for sale on the website.
  21. It was nice meeting people at Reapercon! If you missed out on the Reaper facility tour, make a point of doing it next year. It was great!
  22. Well, you're trying to balance people being able to find the old paints and being able to hide them. I definitely have people who have emailed saying "I have Citadel bottles from the 80s, why aren't they on here?". So it's entirely possible they would want some discontinued to be visible and some to not be. It could ultimately be a new flag on a bottle, yes.
  23. Not sure what's going on with Reaper's 09315 but Ancient Wood is what they've listed all over. Ancient Bark possibly a new/old name? No current ability to turn off discontinued paints (we did the Citadel Classic thing since they have sooo many dead ones) but it's on our request list. Probably make it a manual process for the user and maybe later add an "apply recommended discontinued markers" list.
  24. Just a reminder Scott and I are planning on being there on Saturday wandering the halls/tables. We have fancy polos now! And we'll have an iPhone and iPad in tow - for reasons. Come say hi! No booth for us this year since we were late to the game.
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