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  1. 2 hours ago, ecs05norway said:

    Eagerly awaiting the iOS version as well. I've been using "paint pot" but it does not update quickly if at all.


    Yup, most effort we're spending is getting the iOS one running. Turns out while paintRack is conceptually simple, there is a TON of stuff in that app that we've added over the years. So it's taking a while!

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  2. 18 hours ago, strawhat said:

    I was just sorting through my paints (in anticipation of eventually starting Monolith's Batman Gotham City Chronicles, babble, babble, babble) and I noticed that Grey Primer, 09299, is not filtering as "primer" (i.e. I have "primer" de-selected in my megaFilter, and this one is still showing).


    It's amazing that we've got the new KS paints in already.  I know they've been in there a while now, but just wanted to say something about it.


    Ah, thanks for the heads up about the Primer. I'll swap it for the next update.


    Yeah, we try to keep on top of all the paint lines but since we have about 40 now sometimes things slip through our fingers. So please do reach out via email/Twitter/whatever if something is released and we haven't got it.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, SparrowMarie said:


    Do I just hit upload data to cloud without signing in? I have the most recent update (according to Google Play) and can't see any other way to do it.


    I should've linked this blog post: http://www.courageousoctopus.com/blog/2019/02/new-paintrack-back-up-system/ It has screenshots!


    If you click the backup system it might request you to log in. At the end there will be a message that says "Successfully backed up to the cloud..." blah blah which means you'll know it worked.

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  4. One thing to note, if you have recently upgraded to the current version of paintRack and haven't yet done this, please go and do a new backup to the cloud in the settings. We previously used Google Drive, but the ability to do that is going away this year (dang Google deprecations!). We switched to a different system but each user needs to make the switch.


    I left the ability to import from Google Drive below for now, but some future version will remove that, too.


    I bring it up because I see only about 500 people have made the move and we know there's a lot more of you out there than that.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    The 1 oz. paints use the following pattern:


    [7  38797]  ["No." as seen on the Blick website]  [1]  [Check Digit]


    I can send photos of the labels (including barcodes) of the 20 or so paints from that line that I have if that would help.


    If you can email us a few it would be great.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    Iron Wind Metals is the company that picked up the old Ral Partha metal miniatures (and IIRC is run by former Ral Partha employees).


    I just looked on their website and didn't see any paints, just empty bottles. It's entirely possible that I missed something.


    FWIW, while I have quite a few old RP paints, the colors I'd most like to see in the app are the Golden Fluid Acrylics, which are nominally artists' colors, but are the same general consistency as Reaper or Vallejo paints, have very high pigment density, and work great on minis.


    If you can't get the information from them I might be able to help with swatch cards, though I don't have a full set right now.


    Golden is our number one request. We have reached out to them several times via email with no response. We'll eventually try to give them a call. As always, our difficulty is getting the barcodes. Some manufacturers aren't as easy to work with as Reaper :). Reaper <3.

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  7. 13 hours ago, EvilJames said:

    Hey, any chance of Iron wind/ral partha paints being added? Also I just picked up some battlefront paints and one of them didn't appear in the list. Colors of war shell brass.


    I've never heard of Iron Wind before, but I can add them to the request list. Ral Partha I believe is a discontinued line, right?


    As for the new Colors of War paints, be sure to email us with a photo of the front and barcode of each missing bottle and we'll be sure to get them in the next update! This is true for any paints we may be missing.

  8. v25 is live now with all the Reaper bottle tweaks.


    Note that we had to move off Google Drive backups because Google is dropping support (ugh), so please back up to the new system as soon as possible.


    As always, let us know if something is goofed up.


    (And Dwarven Forge did not respond, sorry @Talae)

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  9. On 2/17/2019 at 2:13 PM, Talae said:

    Hmm. That is too bad I would think there is a large quantity of people using the Dwarven Forge Pokorny paints for terrain and/or minis.


    I'll try to reach out to them. I thought I had and they hadn't responded but I could be wrong.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Talae said:

    @CourageousOctopus - any chance Pokorny paints are on the list to be added soon? I have all my other paints in the app and would love to have everything entered.


    Probably not since I don't think I've heard any other requests for it. That being said we have the process down pretty well now for generating bottle data so if we can get our hands on it and the company is cool with it it's pretty easy.


    After this Android release most of our efforts will be on the iOS side for a while though we will keep updating the DB as we go.

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  11. On 2/4/2019 at 1:00 PM, IgwanaRob said:


    Those are the two licensed lines of paint. This list has all the licensed HGB paints listed, and notes which are HD, but if you want to add these under Reaper I'd suggest just adding them all in their own HGB filter category (at least the 6XXXX SKUs, as they are discontinued and not actually part of the regular lines). The 7XXXX series is the other licensed set for CAV - again, probably best listed under a separate CAV filter category as they are not sold under the regular paint lines.


    OK, I have followed the pattern for the bottle numbers and tagged the CAV and HGB as suggested. It will be in the next update once I complete the backup rework to move off Google Drive (since they're deprecating that :S).

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  12. On 1/29/2019 at 3:12 PM, IgwanaRob said:

    Core line: SKU range is from 09000 - 09399

    Bones line: SKUs start at 09400

    Special edition paints: SKUs start at 09600 

    HD line: SKU range is from  29800 - 29854


    There are licensed lines as well, but they're marketed by the people that licensed them.


    I will make this change but I also have a series of bottles with 61XXX numbers. Are they Core as well? Oh, and 73XXX which also seem to be HD.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

    That reminds me, do you have a special icon to indicate that a line or color is discontinued?


    No, not currently. There was some request a while back (I think in this thread) to have the ability to disable a paint manually and perhaps have a paintRack recommended disablement that could be optionally applied for out-of-print paints. So that's still on my mind.


    So what do people think about all limited-run paints just being labelled 'Special', irrespective of their Bones, HD, or MSP secondary tag?

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  14. 1 hour ago, IgwanaRob said:


    Bones paint line is still missing nearly all paints under the Bones filter (only 6 out of the original 54 paints seem to have been corrected). Special paints still listed as unlabeled, with only 3 listed under special. Reapercon paints seemed to have been moved into core colors (Special would be the better label for them, their SKU #s indicate the difference).


    Using the SKU numbers should make it easy to assign labels correctly.


    Edit because I found one I was missing


    We currently only have one 'paint class' per bottle but specials are kind of 2. I suppose we can just make them Special and be done with it.

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  15. 22 hours ago, SparrowMarie said:

    An idea, maybe this has been mentioned before but I didn't see anything. I think it'd be nice to have a button on each of the paints to open in color tools more quickly. If that makes sense.


    You actually can already do that! There is a dropper button in the action bar which will leap a color to the color tools.


    14 hours ago, strawhat said:

    Got it done!


    You are my hero!

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