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  1. I've never heard of Iron Wind before, but I can add them to the request list. Ral Partha I believe is a discontinued line, right? As for the new Colors of War paints, be sure to email us with a photo of the front and barcode of each missing bottle and we'll be sure to get them in the next update! This is true for any paints we may be missing.
  2. We actually have a formerly secret (and never actually used!) iOS mailing list if you're interested. http://eepurl.com/c1c9ff Will likely send out a call for testers when it is time.
  3. v25 is live now with all the Reaper bottle tweaks. Note that we had to move off Google Drive backups because Google is dropping support (ugh), so please back up to the new system as soon as possible. As always, let us know if something is goofed up. (And Dwarven Forge did not respond, sorry @Talae)
  4. I sent them an email. Cross your fingers!
  5. I'll try to reach out to them. I thought I had and they hadn't responded but I could be wrong.
  6. Probably not since I don't think I've heard any other requests for it. That being said we have the process down pretty well now for generating bottle data so if we can get our hands on it and the company is cool with it it's pretty easy. After this Android release most of our efforts will be on the iOS side for a while though we will keep updating the DB as we go.
  7. OK, I have followed the pattern for the bottle numbers and tagged the CAV and HGB as suggested. It will be in the next update once I complete the backup rework to move off Google Drive (since they're deprecating that :S).
  8. From the box logo it looks like is says only 8 of them are HD. Any idea which 8 are HD?
  9. I will make this change but I also have a series of bottles with 61XXX numbers. Are they Core as well? Oh, and 73XXX which also seem to be HD.
  10. No, not currently. There was some request a while back (I think in this thread) to have the ability to disable a paint manually and perhaps have a paintRack recommended disablement that could be optionally applied for out-of-print paints. So that's still on my mind. So what do people think about all limited-run paints just being labelled 'Special', irrespective of their Bones, HD, or MSP secondary tag?
  11. I believe they are also marked as HD, etc.
  12. We currently only have one 'paint class' per bottle but specials are kind of 2. I suppose we can just make them Special and be done with it.
  13. We just pushed the new version of the app. We've added the ability to punch in a specific RGB/hex value and match against it. Tons of new paints including Reaper Snowdrift White. Also reorganized some of the other Reaper bottles as promised.
  14. You actually can already do that! There is a dropper button in the action bar which will leap a color to the color tools. You are my hero!
  15. Anyone want to DM me a paint swatch of the new Snow Drift White? Working on a new update.
  16. Cheryl at Reaper sent me an email clarifying how it works. I'll try to clean it up the coming releases.
  17. Any idea if any of the barcodes have changed with the relabeling?
  18. They are listed as both currently on the website. Maybe someone can clarify for us which way it is supposed to be.
  19. Well, for you Android folks we just pushed a big paint update out that is live now. This includes correcting the metallic status of those two bones bottles. We've got over 8000 bottles now, yikes!
  20. Appreciate the heads up. Will get it in for next time.
  21. It looks like Google Play store is stalled processing the update. Usually it takes 30-60 minutes but it's approaching 5 hours. So it's not available yet.
  22. No, but we haven't decided what's next yet.
  23. Well I pushed the button to roll out this morning. It should be live any time now in the Play store. It includes all the new Reaper paints, Green Stuff World, Liquitex. It adds support for explicit color distances in Color Tools and the megaFilter feature. The megaFilter allows you to turn off manufacturer subclasses so they don't show up in Library or Color Tools. This should address a lot of the concerns people had with things like "I don't ever use Air paints", or "I can't match against metallics". Well now you can have only the the parts you want to see! As always if you see anything funky, please do let us know so we can fix them. Cheers, y'all.
  24. OK, so the point is it would be nice to be able to: Pick n random paints from your collection Pick 1 random from a set of predefined paints Would that cover both cases?
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