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  1. Can you clarify the difference between Sophie Says and Paint by Die Roll? Does every person have their own unique set of randoms (or one random)?
  2. You guys do a random paint challenge every year at ReaperCon, right? I assume you mean like FW Inks or Liquitex? If so, Liquitex is in this update :D. FW Inks probably next time.
  3. <3 Nope, but I have some evil plans for something later on :D.
  4. Custom colors (mixes, missing paints, whatever) is definitely on our road map. For now, you're stuck with subsets and notes therein!
  5. Yes, we've been in discussions with Green Stuff World and they're in the next update. Yup, got all the new hotness Reapercon paints, Bones 4 paints, and new Bones box paints AFAIK. We are very close to releasing so if you know of any bottle corrections needed, please send me an email (other than those Reapers). This release will have the megaFilter and the ability to turn on explicit color distances in Color Tools.
  6. Just a little update from us, we released an update this evening with a lot of new paints and a few other niceties (you can share your wish list, color matching is slightly better, and color tools remember which manufacturers you've slid to when you come back). We're about 90% ready with the super mega advanced filter feature. So getting there on that one. Keep the feedback coming! (No iOS announcement yet ).
  7. We just did another little update to add Reaper CAV paints, amongst other things. Enjoy. Still working on filtering :|.
  8. Yup. I'm like 65% done the feature but figured we should release the fixes and database updates in the meantime since it's been a while. The filtering is far more complicated than I originally expected (UI changes, plus all the tendrils through the app).
  9. Just dropped a little update that includes Reaper Heart Throb Pink and added searching to sets (since some of you have a lot of them!) amongst other fixes. Thanks for the heads up about the missing bottle.
  10. If someone can DM or email me a paint swatch I'll add it in the next update.
  11. Is that a new one or an old special? I don't see it in their online catalog.
  12. I think the first version would be manually marked paints by the users and those wouldn't show. But if we start marking them at paintRack HQ, then yes, definitely.
  13. Hmm, maybe on a paint view there would be an option in the overflow menu to see what retail sets it is in? That would cover the Reaper triad situation.
  14. Hmm...the issue here is that we would need a way to do it generically across manufacturers probably. Would it be something you'd see in library or how to do you see it working?
  15. Not yet, but it has been requested before. I'll add your vote for that.
  16. Just pushed the maintenance release, which includes the missing Reaper auxiliaries. BTW, if any of you go in and disable the new manufacturer and then the app crashes shortly after, please, PLEASE email/DM me because I'm seeing an occasional crash reported with that workflow and I cannot reproduce it to save my life.
  17. Yup, but I want to get this maintenance release and the filtering release out on Android first.
  18. A good thought. I would like to overhaul sets at some point to allow folders, etc. Not for this upcoming release, however.
  19. Hey all, we're working on a maintenance release including a DB update, so if there are any DB tweaks you know of, let us know now or forever hold your peace (until next update!). A bigger update with our advanced filtering will follow later (unless I get it all working on Monday). We've got the missing Reaper Additives/Mediums cued up already.
  20. If it's a 'classic' Citadel paint, then our coverage may be spotty. We can add it if you send us the bottle fronts and barcodes, though.
  21. Please email us the front and barcodes of the bottles that are failing to scan. Please send them along. The new filtering mechanism (when we finally get it all working) will allow you to turn on and off sub-types (show only metallic and washes, or whatever). Also filter by manufacturer classes (such as I don't want to see Vallejo Game Air) and bottle sizes (I don't want to see spray cans). It's a little trickier than it sounds but we're working on it.
  22. It's on our list for a future addition. We have to get this filtering feature working first to make an ink-only brand work.
  23. I'm afraid your bottles have label-itis :(. It's incurable. What I mean is your barcodes are too faded to be read. I did confirm that the bottles are in the app already so you can add them manually.
  24. 09105 is in there as Sparkling Amethyst, it turns out.
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