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  1. If you have auto-update enabled on the Google Play store it should just download automatically next time it's plugged in and in wifi. Or you can go to Google Play app and force it to do so.
  2. Hah, Pezler leaked the update ;). Yes, v18 is out now! New paint as always, but more importantly two big bug fixes. Color Matching is waaaaay better now that we're using CieDe2000 color distances. It's also much faster and snappier in Color Tools. The color matching issues were probably the #1 complaint about the app previously. Hopefully this addresses the issue. I'll probably write a blog post later about it when I have a chance. Secondly, if you have a paint set that includes the same paint more than once, it'll remember the order correctly. Apparently this was a more common use case than we thought. Get it while it's hot: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.courageousoctopus.paintrack
  3. Those are already ready and waiting in there for ya! ;)
  4. That's exactly what I did now. New update is out now. Got 3 of the 6 ReaperCon paints, the Reaper Holiday pack, and tons more (including ALL Freakflex). Let us know if anything else comes up. Also, major kudos to Ludo. He keeps helping us out getting the weird color samples! Thanks!
  5. I'm not seeing that on their website. What set is it from?
  6. We're limited in what we can do on our end, unfortunately. We're using the ZXing library (same as the Barcode Scanner app in Google Play). Seems to come down a lot to lighting and how well your barcodes are printed. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
  7. Look for these ones from the most recent ReaperCon: 09681 Prom Night Pink 09682 Stark Naked HD 09683 Morning After Blues Bones 09684 Ghostly Moss 09685 Copreal Shadow 09686 Gothic Crimson
  8. Good thread, though it is missing the paints in question.
  9. Anybody pick up the ReaperCon set set and want to pm/email me the barcodes? jeff at courageousoctopus.com We'll try to get them in the next update including the new Reaper Holiday set. EDIT: I had them flipped. We have the holiday ones. We need the Reapercon ones. EDIT2: Found the barcodes. Now looking for the actual colors.
  10. I emailed about Freak Flex. Never heard back. You and me both. I emailed them to get permission to put them in the app and they did not reply.
  11. Once Reaper updates their documentation we can easily add it! We love working with Reaper because they're so good about it.
  12. It's in your App folder which is not user-accessible. It's just a file with a whole bunch of database IDs so it wouldn't be very useful. Yes, they are sorted by Hue if you select Color from the sorting options. Remember that Hue is only one factor, so if you have significant S or V then it can look black or grey.
  13. I'm not familiar with this. Can you clarify what that is?
  14. There definitely is Google Drive support on iOS devices but yes, you'd need your Google account. We have swiping on the list as a request but it's pretty tricky. It's context specific - what mode are you in (just futzing in the library or trying to pick a paint for a set or what), what were the sort orders in the last window, what filters are on, etc. Maybe if you guys explained the use case to us it would be clearer? How would you personally use the swiping?
  15. Right now we only support colors, but we could think of another solution for the additives. We've had plenty of feedback people want that. Strange, I'm finding the same issue. According to Dakkadakka's Paint Range Compatibility Chart, the closest of the new Citadel range should be Rhinox hide. So right now the way color matching works is we look at the HSV values and we try to find the closest Hue match (if you're looking for matches, for instance). If there's a tie we fall back to Saturation, then Value. This works well in like 75% of the cases. However, sometimes you get colors that are close in hue but way off in S or V so they appear brown or grey or something even though they are the right hue which makes the results wonky. Obviously our current solution is too naive. Bottom line is it's a known issue and I'm about 50% through fixing it to make it more accurate. This is coming in a near-future release (probably the next update or maybe the one after), so stay tuned! Currently the main priority is making subsets better for reordering paints and adding subset notes. As for Citadel barcode scanning, we support the current and last generation back.
  16. There are three paints that were re-released with different SKUs and different barcodes. At the moment we don't have a good solution for that so we've just left both in. We actually didn't realize those dupes were there until after the initial app release. Also, the mythical Purple Wash DOES exist, but it has the same code and barcode as the Pumpkin Orange paint from Reaper. So we put Purple Wash in without its barcode for now.
  17. At the moment! I'm trying to make it happen for you iOS fans!
  18. Friends, we have released v1.15 which includes all the 2016 Reapers, the Kickstarter Reapers, and a smattering of our missing paints. Much thanks to the fellow Reaper followers who provided us with help for Briar Rose and Spectral White. This release also includes tracking for multiples of the same bottles. So if you hoard Spectral White, now you know how many you're hoarding. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.courageousoctopus.paintrack
  19. Got it, thanks! It'll be in the next release.
  20. Still on the hunt for Briar Rose before releasing the next update. If anyone has it please get in touch with me.
  21. OK, we got Spectral White. Now if anyone has Briar Rose....
  22. If you could email a photo of a paint swatch from the bottles to jeff at courageousoctopus.com that would be very helpful. Since they're special editions been having trouble finding pictures other than in-bottle.
  23. Are you sure about this one? 9659 was the special edition "Ginger Cookie" from around the holiday time. I don't think there ever was a "Purple Wash" as far as I know. Hmm, you appear to be correct. Does anyone have swatches of these they could help out with? 9672 Briar Rose RC 2015 9680 Spectral White Halloween 2015
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