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  1. Your blending looks real good to me! I'm a fan of the contrast between the light and dark shades. Do you suppose you might be able to share some tips/techniques you learned at your class? I've never had the luxury of going to Reapercon or any hands-on instructional before, and I'd like to learn how to blend better.
  2. Hi folks! I'm trying something that I haven't done before - painting makeup. I'm usually painting for wargaming and military themes, so this is pretty new for me. I'd like to ask for some tips and tuts for making maidens fair and ladies lovely! For a little reference, I was inspired by the artwork of Pathfinder's Winter Witch. Snowflakes aside, her skin is pretty pale, although has a little tint of blue. There's a lot of purple in the makeup around her eyes as well. How would you replicate makeup on a mini and make it look 'realistic?'
  3. I have, but I needed to go back and refresh my memory. I really do like the Cersei Lannister sculpt; very pompous and even a touch narcissistic, which fits my character! The photo you linked really shows the potential of that figure. That one may actually work quite well!
  4. Hi folks! So I'm playing a Witch in my current Pathfinder campaign and I need a good mini for her. She comes from an affluent, noble background; a family which made a pact for power with several extraplanar entities. They practice witchcraft under the protection of their status, in an otherwise very straight-laced, religious society. While I like Reaper's selection of minis, I can't find one that really fits my vision of her. Ideally, she'd be in very expensive attire; probably a gown. Schulbert's Queen Ileosa almost fits the bill, asides from being a canon Pathfinder character. The Master Spy also has the look going for it, but I don't want a mask. She shouldn't really have a weapon or staff in her hand, maybe asides from a wand. I have tried looking at other manufacturers as well, but I can't seem to match the concept to the minis. I won't lie; I'm a little picky when it comes to poses and faces. I need a mini that feels very regal, confident and highbrow.
  5. Just like that, huh? Is there a bit of marring on the surface to clean up after pulling them apart, or is it a pretty clean break?
  6. I was curious about the accessories that come with the Ghoul Queen model. The metal version includes the figure, plus the sword and horns pieces on a separate sprue. Are these pieces also separate on the Bones version, or are they already modeled on?
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions and welcomes! I think that 54-color set and some liners will put me in a good place to bounce back into painting. I don't mind mixing a bit of black and white here and there for shadows and highlights, but that's about the extent of my mixing. I haven't tried a wet palette before, but it seems like a great investment to whip one up. Are there any miniatures in particular that you'd recommend to practice on? Maybe those with a mixture of textures or a couple that focus on individual skills. Nothing fancy, of course, but good starters to warm up with.
  8. I'll keep that in mind; perhaps this should be moved there. Thanks for the info; I did some digging and it happens to be a Mourning Wolf from the Warzone line.
  9. Hi folks! I considered putting this in scifi, considering the nature of the miniature, but the fantasy thread seems like it gets more traffic. Either way, I have a mini that somehow ended up on my table and I've no idea what range or manufacturer it's from. She's holding some sort of assault rifle and on the same arm is a bracer with a chain attached. She seem pretty keen on using her former bond as a weapon. There's a horned skull on the bust of her outfit. You can see that the slotpiece has what looks like "HHGO 1997" on it. I don't know what that acronym is supposed to be, but it's an older mini. I don't think it's a Reaper product, but I figured somebody might know something. Here are a few links to pictures of the mini. Any help would be appreciated! http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae218/AbsolutCharlie/Mystery%20Figure/IMG_20151007_113747_zpsohktdavc.jpg http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae218/AbsolutCharlie/Mystery%20Figure/IMG_20151007_113756_zpshgugh3b9.jpg
  10. I'm sort of piggybacking off the recent paint set-building thread here, though I have a slightly different question. I used to be very into Games Workshop's Warhammer product lines and I'm familiar with their older paint ranges. I didn't actually play the games much, but I liked the models for the visual appeal. Nowadays, my main focus is roleplaying, whether it's Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 or 5e. As such, I'm not painting very many armies, but I'm instead looking at singles or small handfuls of minis to represent characters and players. I still have quite a few of GW's Citadel paints in my collection, but most have gotten mucked up or dry. That said, I'm aiming to take up painting again as a more regular hobby. I consider myself a pretty adequate painter, although I can't say I'm crazy about high-end techniques, like painstakingly mixing to get that "perfect" shade. My method tends to be pretty simple, like those in GW's Citadel painting guides: minis painted to eye-pleasing quality with the intent of being handled often. I've been looking at the sets for sale in Reaper's online store. For someone like me, who isn't going to focus on painstaking detail for competition, do you suppose a smaller set like the Master Series Starter Set 2 would suit my needs? I'm shooting for good quality paintjobs, but I don't plan on going for gold anytime soon (maybe someday!) and want to whip up minis for fun and for use in roleplaying scenarios. Or, rather than a prebuilt set, what colors might you suggest for a build-your-own that you find essential when you sit down at your table? Or better yet, what do you find to be a good set of 'core colors' that you can easily work with and build from?
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