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  1. Kendal

    Nahlas: Triton

    I am in a new D&D group with a couple pals. I decided to be a Triton called Nahlas. An artifact that kept the reef and animals alive has been stolen from deep sea kingdom of Zulvaneth. Nahlas and other champions were sent to the surface to reclaim the lost item and save their kind.
  2. Kendal

    Devil May Cry boardgame by Steamforged Games, Kickstarter

    I'm not sure where on their kickstarter it was posted. I remember them acknowledging rules not being exciting, adding cards/rules, encouraging house rules, etc. They have had to clarify their own rules. It's nonsense quite honestly. They start a bunch of projects and can't complete them efficiently, and their service is bad. Reaper is divine with their KS.
  3. Kendal

    Devil May Cry boardgame by Steamforged Games, Kickstarter

    Their Dark Souls Boardgame, which I backed 2 years ago, has been horrible with communication, and they made me reconfirm my address 3 times or they wouldn't ship my items. I will never back one of their projects again. My dark souls game still hasn't been fulfilled, and they came out with a statement saying they knew the game wasn't that good. Do not invest in them
  4. Kendal

    Technicolor Efreet: 44003, Ziba

    This is quite something. For some reason it reminds me of old Frazetta stuff. The background really does it justice, this would be a good baddie in D&D. Great job.
  5. Kendal

    Khanjira The Snow Monster

    The correct answer is BOTH Thanks I was very happy with those.
  6. Kendal

    Khanjira The Snow Monster

    Giant Snowmen and Snowangels appeared throughout the north. A sign of the end times. Only one Northman dared confront the terrible monster whom is said to throw snowballs the size of boulders.
  7. Kendal


    Mixed in with baking soda and water to create a snow effect. I'll be doing the same thing for lava on another model. I also poured crackle paint over his upper body. It looks like cracking ice over him, looks pretty good. I figured everyone's done a lava or bloody Khanjira. I was like yooooo I want a snow lizard! Lol.
  8. Kendal

    Khanjira: 0 In Stock

    Sooooo I am finishing my Khanjira and see there's 0 in stock. I was hoping to be able to do another!!! Is this the end of the line for this model? I recall a skeleton dragon that once it was out they quit making it.
  9. Kendal


    Working on my very own giant lizard monster.
  10. Outstanding
  11. Kendal

    Dandelion and Ciri (Witcher 3)

    Did these commissions of Dandelion and Ciri. Anything Witcher I love painting. Very happy with the turnout on these.
  12. Kendal

    Dark Elf Traveller

    It's a GW piece. I grew up with that playset and that is the inspiration.