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  1. DF has posted they are done doing updates for the KS. I think this one is done.
  2. Time for me to move back over here after the Ks excitement. I just could not keep up with the comments there and the posts here. My list and the list for a friend Douglas Boulderkin $8 USD (x1) $8 USD Pizza Dungeon Mascot $2 USD (x1) $2 USD Gem Dragon $4 USD (x2) $8 USD Mounted Wraiths $8 USD (x2) $16 USD Valfuryx Green $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Dragon Bust $6 USD (x2) $12 USD Aganzarax Black $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Troll Bridge Encounter $18 USD (x1) $18 USD Mammoth $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Shavynra the Slayer Blue $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Storm Giant $12 USD (x1) $12 USD Krateryx, Shadow Dragon $12 USD (x1) $12 USD Ildraedis the Devourer White $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Greek Odyssey Expansion $50 USD (x1) $50 USD Paints New $18 USD (x1) $18 USD Kalanzar the Wicked Red $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Loot Golem $3 USD (x2) $6 USD Friend Catapult $6 USD (x1) $6 USD Dragon Bust $6 USD (x2) $12 USD Ballista $6 USD (x2) $12 USD Trebuchet $8 USD (x1) $8 USD Storm Giant $12 USD (x1) $12 USD Arakoth the Ancient $10 USD (x1) $10 USD Brinewind Extras $25 USD (x1) $25 USD
  3. Ill go for a hundred. I am sure i will spend at least that much. I do not like to pull back money from KSes.
  4. Im counting down, counting down counting down, but it is too late where I am so I gotta wait till I wake up. Enjoy the first 4 hours without me.
  5. Not a couple but I am divvying up into the will probably paint and the will probably not paint categories.
  6. I thought it looked like more than 40mm. I am sure most dragons will be add-ons, though some might end up in expansions? Who knows? Maybe not even Ron and Ed at this point.
  7. It looks like the core might be interesting me again, even at 120.
  8. What on earth could a large Reaper project be?
  9. I dunno what to do about all my shipments being sent through the AU. It annoys me to no end, especially not having an option to get it directly even at additional cost. It really disincentivizes me from pledging. I'll be in for a buck for usre, would like to drop 200 the first day, but not sure.
  10. I think when they say thematic they mean putting different post toppers in the set. Like the braziers and such from bones IV, It is an easy way to do it.
  11. Todays troll bridge was new. I hope they show a lot of new stuff over the next month.
  12. I got the six paints that Reaper did not send in the KS in the mail today. Yay Reaper! They gave me a sample paint in a nice purple tint. Yay Reaper! It probably took more than a month to arrive here. Not Yay Reaper. I will be making an order in early September for a few minis and a bunch of paints. See how long it takes to arrive.
  13. Yeah, if I am willing to pay for direct then why not? It seems odd that there is no good shipping calculator out there.
  14. I just had a couple emails with reaper about this and while i understand the answers more or less, they were not really totally satisfying. No free shipping to Japan and no direct shipping, though direct shipping might be available at some time in the future. They did say they were aware of the delays now but were hoping things would be more streamlined. They did say shipping to Japan would be the same with AU shipping as before when they sent stuff to Japan by boat ...........???????????????? Dude, that never happened!!!! I told them I got stuff in 7-10 days and no boat ever made it across the pacific in 7-10 days, at least not carrying mail. They also said shipping had been artificially low for me for a while, but i am not sure if i buy that or not. I have seen other sellers sending stuff much cheaper than they do. A lot of my orders have been pretty small in physical dimensions. So overall annoying, but it might work out. It will probably be a damper on my ordering though.
  15. I am not sure how valid this is, but for KSIV I got about 450 in figures for about 60 in shipping here in Japan. I imagine New Zealand would be similar shipping or a bit less. That includes a lot of big figures.
  16. I am only in for fantasy, or something that can be used for fantasy.
  17. I did get one cavern starter so I hope to at least get that soon. But I am ROW so I am not holding my breath.
  18. I like to drop as much money as possible in the KS. I like extra monies inthe PM but in my opinion some people overdo it, to the extent that product is not released. I am excited about Bones V, but not excited about the fulfillment being routed through Australia. When Bones V starts, I'll see if Reaper can send mine direct.
  19. i'll probably start with a hundred or so and then add on after that. I do not want to get too much this time, mostly big pieces.
  20. I just wish, at least for me in Japan, that I could choose the option of getting orders and KS stuff directly.
  21. I wonder if this will happen to me if i make an order in Japan. My last two bones KS orders (and maybe replacement paints from KSIV) went through Australia.
  22. Got everything done but the legs which I am likely to amputate.
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