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  1. Time for me to move back over here after the Ks excitement. I just could not keep up with the comments there and the posts here. 

    My list and the list for a friend


    Boulderkin            $8 USD (x1) $8 USD
    Pizza Dungeon Mascot        $2 USD (x1) $2 USD
    Gem Dragon            $4 USD (x2) $8 USD
    Mounted Wraiths            $8 USD (x2) $16 USD
    Valfuryx    Green        $14 USD (x1) $14 USD
    Dragon Bust            $6 USD (x2) $12 USD
    Aganzarax    Black        $14 USD (x1) $14 USD
    Troll Bridge Encounter        $18 USD (x1) $18 USD
    Mammoth                $14 USD (x1) $14 USD
    Shavynra the Slayer    Blue    $14 USD (x1) $14 USD
    Storm Giant            $12 USD (x1) $12 USD
    Krateryx, Shadow Dragon        $12 USD (x1) $12 USD
    Ildraedis the Devourer    White    $14 USD (x1) $14 USD
    Greek Odyssey Expansion        $50 USD (x1) $50 USD
    Paints    New            $18 USD (x1) $18 USD
    Kalanzar the Wicked  Red    $14 USD (x1) $14 USD    
    Loot Golem            $3 USD (x2) $6 USD


    Catapult        $6 USD (x1) $6 USD
    Dragon Bust        $6 USD (x2) $12 USD
    Ballista        $6 USD (x2) $12 USD
    Trebuchet        $8 USD (x1) $8 USD
    Storm Giant        $12 USD (x1) $12 USD
    Arakoth the Ancient    $10 USD (x1) $10 USD
    Brinewind Extras    $25 USD (x1) $25 USD


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  2. I just had a couple emails with reaper about this and while i understand the answers more or less, they were not really totally satisfying. No free shipping to Japan and no direct shipping, though direct shipping might be available at some time in the future. 


    They did say they were aware of the delays now but were hoping things would be more streamlined.


    They did say shipping to Japan would be the same with AU shipping as before when they sent stuff to Japan by boat ...........???????????????? Dude, that never happened!!!!  I told them I got stuff in 7-10 days and no boat ever made it across the pacific in 7-10 days, at least not carrying mail. 


    They also said shipping had been artificially low for me for a while, but i am not sure if i buy that or not. I have seen other sellers sending stuff much cheaper than they do. A lot of my orders have been pretty small in physical dimensions. 


    So overall annoying, but it might work out. It will probably be a damper on my ordering though. 


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  3. I like to drop as much money as possible in the KS. I like extra monies inthe PM but in my opinion some people overdo it, to the extent that product is not released. 


    I am excited about Bones V, but not excited about the fulfillment being routed through Australia. When Bones V starts, I'll see if Reaper can send mine direct. 

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