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  1. I finished painting these pups today.
  2. I bet production in the USA would cost a lot more than 10% extra, or even 25% for that matter. I imagine they are doing numbers on Bones pricing right now though.
  3. Underwater would be great for me. Id buy that sight unseen.
  4. I certainly hope there is an option to opt out of the hubs. I live in Japan and it has no VAT, I hope I can get stuff sent directly from the USA instead of the two month AU delay.
  5. I got word back from Reaper about my paint set B. They asked for one missing paint so I gave them all six. I'm nice that way. I hope they come soon.
  6. Reapers sizes sure are all over the place. The hut is tiny and the elephant is enormous. Odd.
  7. I hoy mine a couple of days ago. Surprised i was not further towards the back.
  8. Well it is here in Japan finally and looks really good. I have the paint problem, but the rest looks good on a quick look. I am not going to nitpick every tiny thing so i sent the paint request to Reaper already. I am going to enjoy playing with all this stuff come summer, not a lot of time till then
  9. Just got my message from AU that my bones are in Japan. I hope I get them today, but maybe early next week is more likely.
  10. I wonder if the AU stuff has the paint errors? I am unlikely to complain about anything small, but I want my new paints.
  11. A+B+C sorry i cannot be clearer. 1200 pages WOW!!
  12. What are the parcels sending out? That info is missing lol
  13. Considering AU's fauna I am more worried about what might get in the box there.
  14. Im waiting on AU customs it seems. No Aetherworks yet.
  15. Just go outside Bane's house, they are probably still lying in the street. lol
  16. The boat does not get to AU till the 17th. So said Reaper on the Livestream last night. Why did the reshipper take so long. Did you have any of the three?
  17. It does seem possible that happened. Odd wording in the update if that is so, though.
  18. This really makes me hope that all the AU stuff is one the same ship. I wonder if Reaper would say if they were not. They must have known that the EU stuff was not on the same ship a long time ago.
  19. Wait till you see what it does once you get it painted!!!!!
  20. You an always ask...... I am sure there are some Bones I questions still floating around. Annoying the Reaper peeps is good fun!!!!
  21. Well not like you are gonna throw a bones you actually want.....
  22. Let me guess, your hands are still holding it after some errant placement of superglue?
  23. My concern right now is how much of those colors in the pics above are LEDS, and how painted versus unpainted will be different.
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