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  1. I have not gotten anything yet, but I am not regretting anything. There are a few things I really want to get retail. I knew there were some things, but the list has expanded.
  2. I really try to put in as much as I can in the KS, but try hard to not go above whatever I really really want as I do not want to end up with extra money in the Pledge Manager.
  3. I already have quite a lot of their stuff and am looking forward to this.
  4. My bones are sailin sailin over the deep blue sea .......
  5. I seriously do think a table saw would be ill-advised when cutting bones.
  6. Someone on this forum has a new table saw ..................................
  7. A table saw for bones???????????????????? Serious modding!!!!!!!
  8. The treasure piule alone would be an excellent piece, I agree.
  9. Thanks for the Mossbeard pic repost. I had missed it the first time. That is a great guy, glad I got one
  10. Treebeard?????? My kingdom for a treebeard pic I am really glad I got lost world. That elephant is totally huge!!!!
  11. Congrats Canada. Nice you got to be first for once. Enjoy your stuff. I am personally amazed Canada got their stuff so fast.
  12. I guess this AUish Japan backer had better not say how many trees he ordered.
  13. A total of 5 for me. Initial pledge. Friends stuff Gotta have that Roc Gotta get Argent A Core will not kill me.
  14. I so rarely get one of those messages in Japan it is a real treat!!!
  15. I have rarely seen a mini-base as seamless as this. Well done!!!
  16. I imagine USA/Canada shipping will start 25thish. Then it is all wave order. Here in Japan I am hoping for mid-May to get my stuff. Looking forward to it.
  17. I found Reaper's Ginger Cookie to be a good brown to drybrush the Terrain Crate stuff with. It is a nice light brown.
  18. I got the hedgerows and fences part of the Terrain Crate line and painted it up yesterday. No problems and it help paint well. A bit bendy, but the fences all looked good right out of the box. I will take a look at their next KS for sure, did not back the first.
  19. I have gotten two paint samples. Both were pretty nice colors.
  20. Forests were my must haves. I ended up sacrificing cavern stuff on the alter of getting more forests. I did add the big terrain variety pack too. Gonna get a lot of use out of that one.
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