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  1. I was surprised to see the pulse too. Maybe I should look that campaign up and see what ended up happening there. I just did. Silence for years.
  2. I went for the core set and the fire giant as my last addition. I want a few core pieces that I cannot really get broken out and I sold most of my core from last year at good prices at a local shop. Will try that again with what I do not want from this core. Final list (for me 80% and a friend(20%) Mossbeard, Treeman x2 Baba Yaga's Hut Rocky King Cobra x2 Stygian Barge Villagers Snake Cultists x3 Ghost Pirates Wraiths Tree of Despair x8 Hill Giant Huntsman Paint Set B Frost Giant Raiders We Will Roc You! Lost Valley Expansion Monsters Dire Beasts Thunderfoot Behemoth Blacktooth Terror Argent 2017 Core Set Fire Giant Huntsman Kinda odd to be paying for the 2017 set so late in 2018.
  3. I will do the retail math, checking to see how much the Ks saves me, and then decide if I am backing again. The fulfillment is really making me angry, as the USA is so blatently first, second and third in line.
  4. I know I am unlikely to back them again with this AU hub garbage. Reaper, maybe but it also puts me off too. Just seems an uneccessary delay.
  5. I hope they get it stopped before it finishes.
  6. Ain't that the truth. Right now 415 in items, 69.19 in shipping
  7. Those look good. DF paints are quite nice.
  8. You have till September 3rd. They extended the PM
  9. Looks pretty good to me, but I don't know what it could have looked like.
  10. Update posted but a distinct lack of info for AU and EU customers, just that there are more delays. Apparently the paint is causing problems. Or not labeling the paint well enough for customs. And the question of why is the paint shipping now? They were ready to ship, or nearly so when the stairs trouble came up. Which means, to me, the paint was in AU and EU, but it seems the stairs are there now, but the paint is not. Why not?
  11. They are shafting Asian customers too. USA wave two starts soon and the Asian anything wave is still two weeks or so away.
  12. Rocky, Tree x4, Hut x1, King Cobra x2, Mossbeard, Stygian Barge, Snake Cultists x2, Ghost Pirates, Paint Set B, Roc, Lost Valley, Thunderfoot, Blacktooth, Dire Beasts Current damage 291. Decided to up my dinosaur collection from zero to 20
  13. No word on shipping from the AU hub. Hopefully they start shipping soon. I am not even getting any stairs in my order anyway.
  14. I am definitely getting a Roc as it is an impressive piece that I do not have in my collection yet. I think I have decided against scenics, just too much there I do not want. Too much dioramaesque.
  15. Thanks for the info. Switching thinks to Japanese yen was very annoying.
  16. I am very on the fence about the scenics. I love REaper terrain, but I only really love two of the pieces
  17. Very smooth and natural looks due to the great colors.
  18. I backed their first one, and it delivered well and quickly, with very nice quality. Good for in-game props, or game room decor!!!!
  19. Interesting Ks and lots of nice dice. Too bad I am diced out. Interesting Ks and lots of nice dice. Too bad I am diced out. Still .... on watch list.
  20. You might want to get painted or not paint them yourself if you are unsure. I rarely see user painted stuff for sale on Ebay. Also if you are in the USA, it is not bad shipping to slowly build up a collection. No need to go KS for them, the price savings are not really incredibly good. There is a savings, but it is not steller like Bones can be.
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