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  1. Looks like this one is getting pushed back to an end-of-July start http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=9102
  2. He is so beautiful!!! I think I can paint him better than my big KSIII minis. I hope so at least. I am still sub 400 and that includes 100 for a friend of mine.
  3. Mossbeard was a top priority for me. Especially with the smaller jungle guys pictured above being available. I always need large humanoid figures.
  4. From pledge manager pics Mossbeard is gonna be huge, I think nearly as big as Goremaw, but I could be overestimating a bit. Reaper could feature him this week, I would not mind. Or any 20 models, really.
  5. I got the Roc today, and with a bit more shipping, but I am probably done.
  6. That face has so much expression!
  7. Was gonna order a couple more things, then thought I would wait for the update, well ..... will wait a bit more.
  8. I tend to set up larger scenes,l but that is because I have a lot, might as well use it. But yes, DF is great for smaller scenes too, and you do not need too much to be able to build a nice dungeon or cavern. You want cities or castles, that is gonna be a lot more pricey
  9. I looked at it and it looks interesting. When they said fill your marker, I got a little nervous if it would be good enough paint quality for bones.
  10. A definite upgrade in my opinion. I got six floors already.
  11. I cannot recall what this reminds me of, but you definitely nailed it. Great!
  12. Nice terrain, I always like seeing terrain painting. Good detail on both pieces.
  13. I am sure it will. DF released a redone 8 inch by 8 inch flagstone floors from Castles with magnets.
  14. Very nice, very natural looking.
  15. There is so much I want retail, looking at stuff now to see what I cannot wait for, is a better deal now, especially in the expansions.
  16. I like how the robes are different in each version. ALso how one version looks better fed than the other.
  17. I totally missed him at Gencon50 and I really regret it. Did not know he was there till I was looking at the program on the way home.
  18. Look at the latest Update, it lists prices for both Wave I and Wave II stuff.
  19. Very well done, a unique paintjob!!!
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