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  1. I was in on the original halfsies and they are spectacular dice. Random is drawing me in, Id like to have a few of different sets.
  2. Looks good. Nice color choices help mesh it all together.
  3. I am sitting at about 250 and a friend has an additional 100. I will probably end up dropping another 100 to get some big pieces. I need a roc for sure.
  4. Added another pic to the original post. A green wash on the necks seems to make it look better. Thoughts?
  5. ... but what color wash is the question. I am not very good at washes. Any suggestions?
  6. I like the color choices here. Looks very realistic. A lot lighter than most decor I have seen too.
  7. Quite nice, though I would think a bit more color on the dragon?
  8. I got two Reaper metallic triads recently 09742: Colored Metallics Three 09766: Metallics V And I like most of them. The Adamantium BLack is particularly good, a rich black with a nice sheen to it.
  9. Nice. I am mostly a terrain painter myself so I like to see terrain threads. Both the cauldron and the fire look really realistic.
  10. Technically they are Ginger Cookie 09659 wings, but I agree it is a great color. I have used it a couple times already. On both my recent dragons I used a couple of the holiday color set Reaper just offered a couple months ago.
  11. I did the dragon for Dragons Don't Share as a metallic test for my Ma'al Drakar I just posted pics of. Overall I am happy with him, and am glad I covered the body Aged Pewter with Adamantium Black.
  12. I finally finished this guy. Not a long long paint job, but lots of layers of paint on some parts. I used the reaper metallics on the head, plus a lot of other reaper paints. Basecoat was DF paints, as they seem to stick to bones really well despite being a bit thick and intended for terrain. In the last pic is the highlighting I did on the body. First time for me to really try that. Updated with another pic, added a green wash top necks to help blend with the body better
  13. 8 sheets of dcals for each puzzle floors bought. Could be great for people interested in basing, or using the decals for other purposes.
  14. Thanks, all. Yeah, I need to get some dullcoat, not readily available around here though.
  15. Here is my painting today, my Goremaw. I am doing some of the bigger models to aim for my 77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant, which I hope to paint this month. I am particularly happy how the maw worked out. I'll do the base tomorrow, I think. C&C?
  16. This happens a lot with Reaper. Shame a year will totally change his perception on the entirety of reality, including his Reaper pledge.
  17. This kind of KS seems to appear every 6 months or so. I jumped on the only one I'll ever need 3-4 years ago. Nice coins though, I like hte unified design.
  18. I am always glad when people buy what I do not like, asti makes a bigger, more interesting hobby. Though I also like people to buy what I buy as I alone could never support anyone making what I want as I do not buy enough, and I doubt any individual could. I think another big divide here is RPG use and diorama/display. Bones IV had some pieces that are pretty strongly on one side or the other, but most can straddle the middle. Met als is perhaps more on the display side and bones on the play side, but that is great. I love looking at the painting people do, and some are so fantastic I would not even want to touch them for fear of damaging them. Others would be great RPG play pieces. I really enjoy peering over the fence or through the knothole at aspects of the hobby I do not share.
  19. I am still holding out hope for translucent large figures.
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