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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing what comes out this year. I went in medium on KSV, and hope to spend lesson caverns. But it will be hard, I suspect. Unfortunately going medium on DF means spending 2 and a half times what I pledges for Bones IV.
  2. Thanks everyone. I did indeed use some moldy skin 09149 to highlight the pieces a bit more and it did help.
  3. I decided to do a quick paint job mostly using a couple sample paints I got last year and the year before. The left one is like a flesh tone and is very "peachy" The right one is a very nice silky metallic black. It is really nice.
  4. Here is my painting of the cemetery gates from Reaper Bones III KS. I got some in the boxed set and some extras. If anyone knows the product number I will add it. I basecoated the stones in Dwarven Forge Sludge and the bars in Dwarven Forge Black. Next I heavily drybrushed it all in Lonestar Leather 09284 and then added Dragon Bronze 09449 to the tips. I washed it all with Stone Wash 09311 Finally I used Vallejo Fluo Green on the skulls. Any C&C?
  5. My list, and a bit for a friend Me Snake Cultists ($6) x2 Mossbeard, Treeman ($18) x1 Baba Yaga's Hut ($20) x1 Rocky ($12) x1 King Cobra ($15) x2 Stygian Barge ($30) x1 Ghost Pirates ($5) x1 Tree of Despair ($12) x4 Paint Set B ($18) x1 Friend Villagers ($15) x1 Snake Cultists ($6) x1 Frost Giant Raiders ($15) x1 Wraiths ($10) x1 Tree of Despair ($12) x4 Hill Giant Huntsman ($10) x1 Yep, 8 trees. Both of us use a lot of Dwarven Forge, so hoping the trees fit in well with them. I think they will. I might end up getting Lost world and the other two dinosaurs. Not sure now. The KS is such a great deal compared to retail it is hard not to buy in.
  6. I have been painting minis for a few years now and my paint collection has evolved quite a bit. I started with a few bottles of Tamiya paints Then I went into a KS called Paintdecor and got a goodly collection there, plus a few Vallejo paints as they are available retail here in Nagoya Japan, whereas Reaper is not. Got a couple Dwarvenforge paints around the same time also. Then I started to get more into Reaper, with a lot of buying, including a learn to paint kit and my collection expanded And just today I got a couple nice Vallejo paint racks so it looks a lot more organized I also have one of almost all the Dwarven Forge paints but not a good pic of them right now. They are off to the left in the third pic. And in a few weeks, I'll be getting another 35ish reaper paints I bought last year including the holiday bundle. I will update with a pic of those when they arrive. I know it is not a huge collection, but compared to its beginnings, it is a whole lot better. Whatta ya got?
  7. That is a very interesting mini and a very nice paint job on him!!!!
  8. I have been getting a lot of Reaper paint recently, before that was the Vallejo and before that Tamiya. I got the holiday paint box and will be getting the new paints from KSIV. I already have several of set A, though it is still a goodset and I may end up getting it.
  9. I only have two chances, but I am hopeful
  10. That little? I wish it were listed somewhere in the order process.
  11. I ordered 80 bucks yesterday and today to get maximum free stuff. Got Dragons Don't Share yesterday with a few paints to push it above 80 and then today just got a lot of paints, including the holiday set. Shipping to my parents in the USA to avoid shipping here. It cost less to buy DDS than ship it to Japan for some reason. Asked Reaper but that did not work out too well.
  12. I doubt I'll be paiting the metal mins ever, but I'll do my order on Cat Dragon DAy!!!!! I have been wanting Dragons Dont Share for a while and it is within a few paint bottles of 80 bucks.
  13. I have been wanting Dragons Dont Share for a while and it is within a few paint bottles of 80 bucks.
  14. I am hoping the delay means a meatier update, perhaps with more products in the PM.
  15. What is the limit for free International shipping? 200 bucks?
  16. Maybe .............. I finally will be getting Dragons don't share. WOnder how much shipping will be? Ack, 80 bucks for shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for that idea.
  17. The barge and snakes were in my first order, more to follow. Yeah, what to do with the boat is less important than having the boat!!!!
  18. Yes, the facial expression is very interesting. Not totally sure what to make of it myself, but very well done. It is definitely not frowning angry.
  19. I have about 300 sitting to be pledged, over the Ks pledge which I already allocated. The long PM is tempting me to wait till after Christmas at least.
  20. I will be in for a full docks, a beach, a shark, and a mystical floor portal as it looks cool.
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