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    I have been painting for maybe ten plus years but have been getting slowly more and more serious about it for the last 2 or three. It would seem that I have a bit of talent when I apply myself and I just want to see how far I can push it. I have a few pics up at the CMON site so far and for the most part have gotten some good feedback. I plan to enter into the painting contests here when I have peaces worthy of entering. (I'm thinking of my Formorian Giant... maybe) I would like to start work on sculpting a full fig too, but that's for a bit later still. <br><br>If you come across any of my work either here or on CMON drop me a msg on what you think, what I can improve on or even things I might want to try. I appreciate all comments and suggestions as these may help me better my skill.

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  1. On December 23rd I got an email from work from my girlfriend telling me that I just received a package from Singapore. I was excited right away cuz I knew what it was. That night I had to pick up some presents that I had ordered and I would be coming in late. I went and did all my running around as fast as I could because I wanted to get home and open this gift to me. Finally I got home and opened the envelope. Inside I found a nicely wrapped mini x-mas gift, it was a nice touch that made me smile. When I got it open this is what I found. I was impressed with the contents of my little gift and spent some good time examining it and here I share it with you. Thank you deep_sashelas for your time and effort, I'm late in showing this, for that I apologize. Also, I apologize to the recipient of the mini I was charged with. It is complete and will be sent out on Friday the 7th of this month. You should have it in your hands a week or so after I send it.
  2. No secret really. Lots of washes, I've been playing around with inks and washes lately and coming up with some fun stuff.
  3. I'm all excited and just wanted to share. I just started a new painting club here in Ottawa (Ontario Canada). I had put up flyers months ago in some of my local stores and was getting no responses at all. All of a sudden things finally started to come together. I have to hammer out some details still but looks like the first meeting will be in a month or so. This is great news cuz I'll finally be able to interact with my hobby on a more personal level. not to say that you guys don't fulfill my needs...
  4. neat illusions, has anyone seen my wits? They seem to have left me.
  5. Tommy the Skip Posted on Oct 24 2004, 10:46 AM He's form the Rackham line, I got four of them, they came with the Hybrid game. I think they're EVIL!!! and soooo bloody small. This one, as you can see, is doing his "Walk Like an Egyptian" dance.
  6. Remids me of the elks from Princess Mononoke. Cool!
  7. Love the axe. Can't wait to see it done.
  8. Forgot to metion that I love the hair! Good one.
  9. noticed you've thinned your paints on this one. Well done, the effect is noticeable for sure. What I think we need here is a closer pic so we can better see the details. If I can make a suggestion, try paying more attention to details like the runes on the sword. (some sort of magical "Glowy" effect would be cool) Your color choices are nice for this mini Keep up the good work.
  10. I applaud your tenacity and progress. Keep it up!
  11. Here is my third pest of flesh. I think they keep getting better, I have one more to go. (the fourth one broke at the ankles I'll have to get inventive on the base) Hope you like him/it.
  12. Dig your skin tones here. Nice work. you've been busy lately.
  13. Nice, I like the hair, highlights are very nice. I also like the blending on the cloth very smooth and well placed Highlights.
  14. Neat mini painted with interesting colors. It all works rather well. Nice attention to detail.
  15. Fabulous blends... Love the shield and all other reflective bits.
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