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  1. Oh, that brain is what I was looking for. Sweet! I think my wife even has some Mod Podge. I will have to try that.
  2. That could be it. I have a friend that sprayed his and when we play with them they are still tacky even 2 years on, and I don't want to risk it.
  3. Thanks. I think I was assuming sealer was the bones problem but it is actually the aerosol which was the issue. Thanks!
  4. i am trying to get a wet look on my bones minis but I have heard you shouldn't put a sealer on them. I am wondering how I get an eye (a large one) or say a spider body to get that "wet" look. I read you can use gloss sealer but I have some bones I want try. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I think it would be awesome if I could buy an HD video from Reaper that was an advanced start to finish painting of one or more of their miniatures. Like the learn to paint bones kit, probably without the paint, but with a detailed video on a Master Series Miniature or two from start to finish with the colors of paint and everything. This would be for an intermediate painter or advanced. I know there are the dark sword videos, but i would like to essentially "follow along" a master painter and have a painted miniature in the end. Just a thought, but that was be awesome! If that already exists
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