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  1. Thanks! I've definitely had some frustrations getting to this point. The lack of instructions on how to take the files and get them formatted for use with the printer was a big headache as was learning about orientation for printing. Thank goodness for YouTube.
  2. New to the whole printing thing but having fun! Here's the 3rd and 4th item I printed.
  3. Perhaps they bought the rights to the models. I am positive the model of the dragon and its rider were on the Legandarion site. I had seen it quite a few times and was planning to purchase it before the site was taken down.
  4. Hi all, I saw this show up as an ad: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2000354525/obliterarium-fantasy-miniatures?fbclid=IwAR20xQhhw01YcUJZk1z41Q8DcAAO7TWXzk8QzVcDAcVkoH3QA8SzLHUUMgk Looks good but looks very familiar. Is anyone else familiar with the Legendarion site? It's no longer in existence but it advertised the same thing and some of the models look identical to ones I saw and even purchased back then. They were in the Ukraine I believe and this one is showing Ireland. Does anyone know anything more? Asking only for curiosity sake.
  5. I was hoping to be able to buy some of the paints separate of the entire swag bags. Is this possible? MSP Core Colors: Powderburn BrownMSP Core Colors: Pirate GoldMSP Core Colors: Clouded Sea Those are the ones I'm missing. I don't see them on the site for sale, yet I see the miniatures are separately. Were those exclusive to the swag bag? Thanks!
  6. *Dies* I better start saving pennies now. These are beautiful.
  7. Do we know an ETA of when the swag boxes may ship this month? *excited*
  8. The Rat13 box is on its way to the next person on the list.
  9. Rat13's box has been pillaged! These are the items I took: 3 angry pigs in various forms An old man riding some sort of rat thing Mouslings! Various others! Check out that CUTE swashbuckler lady with her feline friend! The box should be on its way to the next recipient on Friday! I need to play an epic level of Tetris first to get the box put back together.
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