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  1. I did start with the same skin town. They are both Reaper Orc Skin. I had purchased a set of washes from Army painter and I wanted to try see how a couple of them affected things like skin town and metal. It gives me a good feeling which one might be best in future projects.
  2. This figure has been sitting on my shelf, 90% completed for almost two years. The only things left to be done: a highlight on the mantle and darken the inside to look like it was used. It took me maybe 10 minutes. Glad to have it finished.
  3. These are a couple of orcs that I painted up somewhat quickly. I tried some different tones of wash on these to see how the overall figure was affected. Nothing special, but I am happy with how they turned out. Sorry about the photos, they are a little rough.
  4. Every once in a while, my wife will paint a figure with me. Her hobby is sewing, but she enjoys spending a bit of time with me, and she does feel accomplished when she completes a project. This past weekend she wanted to paint a mousling with me. She chose the princess for herself and the druid mousling for me. We spent a couple of hours (painting is slower with a newborn present) and finished these two figures. This is only the 3rd figure that she has painted (first time doing her own eyes). Because I am teaching as we go, these are kept pretty simple and of a tabletop quality. Overall these turned out pretty well.
  5. I did not. In fact this was a figure that painted before contrast paints were on the market. But done in a similar fashion. I believe that I used a dark brown wash over a lighter yellow base coat.
  6. I would agree about the size of the eyes. I am still working off some rust, and eyes are always tricky.
  7. I was doing some cleaning and found this figure that I had painted 2018, but never posted. I snapped a few photos to post. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. There are some things I would do differently if I were painting him today, but I think that happens to most of us when we look back at our past work.
  8. Painting continues. I was able to finish Pirate Captain Frost and he is up in Show off. While I am still finding time to paint, the arrival of my son has cut down on my free time to update this post with my progress. I don't know if I will be able to do well detailed wips for awhile, but I will post stuff in show off as I finish them.
  9. I finished this one awhile ago, but just now had time to post the photos of it finished. The photos are not the greatest.
  10. I work for the State Historical Society of North Dakota, and one of my co-workers is working on restoring an 1883 Courthouse. He is creating a new hands-on exhibit on civics and the government positions that most people don't tend to know what they do. Such as an auditor or register of deeds. He has purchased some old office equipment, and we are working on cleaning it up for use. As part of this, I have gotten to use my painting skills on a couple of projects. The first was painting the cheap plastic flag toppers that came with some 48-star flags he purchased. I primed them black, dry brushed them with silver followed by some cursed gold. I then used some brown and yellow ink to make a shade and a highlight of new gold. I am happy with how they turned out. My current project is repainting the numbers on a 1918 Burrows Adding Machine. The numbers on the total bar are badly faded. So is the plate that shows the commas and decimal point. It is a simple process of priming white and then using skeleton bone to give it a slightly aged look. So far I have finished all of the zeros and ones. I also had to paint the label on the front. We were unsure if the number on front was a 3 or a 9. We found it on the serial number plate. I used some bright silver and traced the lettering, but had to do a little bit of freehand where it was faded. It turned out really well.
  11. Thanks. I am happy with how he turned out. Great motivation to continue painting.
  12. I found a bit of time to finish Brother Hammond. So he is finished and sealed. I also finished Reaper's Thorondil of Kragmar (02301). The only thing left on him was to finish hair and paint his eyes. He was a victim of bad timing as I had to move before he was finished. Glad to have these two done. The links go to their posts in Show Off. I have continued base coating Captain Frost. I am a bit stuck on what color to make his hair.
  13. This Dwarf donated his hand and ax to for a project last spring. (Thorbob the Viking who discovered Texas). I painted him at the same time as I was working on that project, but before I could finish his hair and paint his eyes, he got packed away as part of a move. He is now complete.
  14. I finished Brother Hammond. He was started as part of my Returning to the Hobby Project. (Link to the WIP) I am happy with how he turned out.
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