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  1. cdorf

    89033: The Horned Hunter

  2. cdorf

    89033: The Horned Hunter

    Thanks. I was experimenting with glazing using some ink, and I wanted to see how it would affect the color that I used for the stripes. They turned out pretty well.
  3. cdorf

    Thorbob the Viking who explored Texas

    Thank you for your kind words. I had a lot of fun with this project.
  4. The inspiration for this project is a cartoon that hangs in the main office at the historic site I work at. I converted Borin Ironbrow (07011) to make a better fit for the figure and painted it in the same color scheme as the cartoon. The wip can be found here. Overall I had a lot of fun with this project and am happy with how it turned out. Here is the cartoon: And here is the figure:
  5. cdorf

    89033: The Horned Hunter

    I have been using this figure for the past year to as a test figure for different techniques or different shade colors and such. In a move to finish the models on my painting table before I have to pack it up for my upcoming move, this guy got his time in the spotlight as I did a few things to finish him off. Not a perfect paint job, but passable.
  6. Thanks. I am enjoying this project, and I am happy how it is turning out. I started today by adding some gold bands where the horns meet the helmet to create a transition. Since I did not sculpt anything there, I had to freehand them in. I think they turned out pretty well. Next came the eyes. In the original cartoon, they were brown, so I kept that look. My patch job on the hole worked just fine. Next, I began the process of shading the cloak. With the eyes done I was able to highlight the skin and finish it. I also worked on highlighting the chainmail as well. Upon looking at the helmet, I liked the bands, but I felt like it needed something. I used some dark brown to shade the gold that I initially used and did some dark bands around the gold. I then highlighted the cloak. I, unfortunately, did not get a photo of this before I moved to the next step and started glazing it to blend everything back. Once the glaze was done drying off, I fixed some the sand where a bit of the glaze had gotten on it. And then I felt good enough to call it done. A quick coat of matte varnish and one last touch and called it done.
  7. I have fallen a little behind on getting posts up, but some progress has happened. I did some work on the woodgrain on the ax handle. I next began work on the shaded metallics. I also washed the horns. I plan on bringing the white back up. At this point, I want to do a bit more on the metal. I did a bit more work on the metal. I did a bit more shading and then a bit of highlighting. I am happy with how it turned out. I also highlighted the beard. I decided to go with a light tan color for his sleeves and decided to paint his chest armor with the same yellow I used on other pieces of the armor. I also used the tan on the base. I then did some dry brushing on the horns. I used bleached linen which was my base color for the horn. After finishing the bleached linen on the horns, I then used Dragon White to do some highlighting on them. I then used a sepia wash on the armor, the shield and the sand. I was then going to work on the eyes, but as I started adding a layer of spectral white for the eyes, I noticed a hole. The black dot on the next photo is the hole. Not sure where it came hot, it got there. I used some gloss sealer to fill it in. While waiting for the sealer to dry, I went in and picked out all of the metal rivets on the armor and the shield. I also used some thinned yellow to glaze a bit more of a transition on the shield in between the rivet where it got dark. I also highlighted the armor. I finally decided on a color for the cloak. After looking at the original cartoon, I thought that a beautiful teal color would work. So I base coated the cloak. At this point, I still need to shade and highlight the cloak, finish the eyes, highlight the skin, and highlight the chain mail. I am going to get a cup of coffee and then get started on this list of steps. Hopefully, I will finish it today.
  8. Thanks! I think that turned out pretty well considering I am by no means a sculptor. Thank you. I think that it is turning out well. I didn't get around to posting my progress from yesterday. Yesterday morning I finished off the leather with some shading a then glazing everything over with brown ink. I think that it turned out pretty well. I also added another coat to all of the metal. I plan to try the shaded metallics technique from the first Reaper Toolbox video. This morning I was feeling a bit rushed as I had to get to work early for a phone conference. So I used my time to start the eyes by putting down a layer of blue liner. (I was feeling a bit too rushed to go any further with the eyes.) I then based coated the beard and gave it a quick wash. I may go back with a darker color. I also base coated the horns. I have a couple of things that I am debating when it comes to color at this point. (Feel free to offer any suggestions). I know that I need to do some shading on the armor, but am unsure what color to use. I am leaning towards a brown to keep it looking close to the color scheme in the cartoon. There is also his arms and chest area. The arrow points to the area in question. I feel like these may be good places for a contrasting color, or I could stick with the yellow that I am already using. Thoughts? The last decision that I will have to make is on what color to paint the cloak. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  9. Progress on this project was slowed down due to being out of town for a conference and the Easter holiday, but there was some progress done. Last night I got the horns sculpted out of green stuff. Not bad for a complete novice sculptor. After I took this photo, I went back and worked on the horn on the shield side so that it no longer looks like there is the horn has a cut out for the shield. After sculpting the horns, I then did some work on the base. I used the extra green stuff and a rock to make a textured base. I then pressed Thorbob into that base so that he will fit well into the base. I then let it dry overnight. This morning I glued him down and then glued fine sand to the base. Once the glue was dry on went a coat of primer. There were a few gouges in the horn, and I fixed these with the use of some gloss varnish. I then started blocking colors. I added a wash to the skin and started adding some texture to the leather. Taking a quick dinner break and then I hope to start back up and try to get some more done tonight. My goal is to have it finished by Saturday.
  10. Last night I hit a speed bump. I got my armatures measured, bent and test fit. I was ready to glue them into place and reached for my superglue...it was empty, and it was my last bottle. And what makes it worse... It was also my last bottle of Bones Superglue. I will have to pick some other brand up today when I am out running errands.
  11. For the past year, I have managed a historic site. Taking this job was a massive change of pace for me, but I enjoy every moment of it. One of the best parts is that I get to work with a great staff. The core three each have over 25 years experience on the site. They love it, and their enthusiasm and passion for the site are terrific. We have our disagreements, but we have a lot of fun as well, which brings me to this project. On one of our storage cupboards, we have posted several history-themed comic strips. The first one is of Thorbob the Viking explorer. He is an unofficial mascot of the staff. On April 1st, I received a promotion and will be moving so that I can wok out of the agency headquarters. I wanted to leave the staff with a little gift and paint up my version of Thorbob. I started by picking up a couple of figures. Borin Ironbrow (07011) would serve as the body for the figure, but he lacked the double-headed ax required of Thorbob. I decided to do a quick swap with Thorondil of Kragmar (02301). Upon closer inspection of the models, I see that swapping just the head of the weapon could be a problem based on how the blade is attached to the handle. I also like the wood grain of Thorondil's ax. I could try cutting them where the handle meets the hand, but I am worried about getting it to line up and look good. Hmmm...the hands seem to be the same size. With one operation complete, it was time for another. For the horns, I am planning on adding a rod to act as an armature. So the tips of Borin's horns have got to go. With the tips removed, it was on to cleaning up mold lines and removing the tab. I also took some time to glue hands back on. Since the hands were a match, Thorondil got a replacement. The last step before work was to drill out the horns for the armature. Tonight I will do some green stuff work and try to get them ready for some primer.
  12. cdorf

    Kings of War: Vanguard Objective Markers

    Thank you. I really am happy with how they turned out.
  13. These are four objective markers form Mantic's Kings of War: Vanguard Kickstarter. The models are ok. On a couple of the pieces, you can see the 3d print lines from the master model. They will work fine for simple terrain pieces. Overall I am happy with how they turned out.