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  1. There are some old BONES 1, 2 and 3 minis in there. I guess they are changing they to BONES Black...
  2. They seldom do... I think it is their "bigger-than-life personalities"
  3. Hey, I do have one full with BONES (except the large ones)... And another, smaller for the "next in line to paint", tools, bases, and semi-hidden "shelf of shame"...
  4. I Guess the "other" SKU numbers are - Chronoscope (80xxx), Pathfinder (89xxx), Savage World (91xxx), Numenera (62xxx), CAV (72xxx)
  5. Well, I was intrigued by the size of that Ship, so I did some size comparasion with the Kraken. Assuming the figure on the top of the mast is the same size as Sr Forscale. The Giant Squid is like a calamari.
  6. Any chance to see new pathfinder goblins? Or they lost the license to Wizkids?
  7. I did some zoom on the preview and CSIed the spoiler...
  8. spider encounter? Darn. Curses! Double curses!! Triple Curses!!! I LOVE IT! Another US$14.00 in my pledge...
  9. Sorry to ask, but what was the "Argent situation"?
  10. Any news about Mr Bones? Here is what I imagine it will be ( based on a @Fnordlover idea - "A goblin wearing a poorly made Pizza Dungeon Dragon costume holding a sign that says "now with less traps")
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