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  1. redfox

    Reaper weapon packs - anyone know if metal or plastic?

    Namely, Iron Wind metals (Ral Partha) and Mirliton (Grenadier)
  2. redfox

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    I meant -more- SciFi lizardmen with guns.
  3. redfox

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    SciFi lizardmen with guns.
  4. redfox

    Shadowrun Female Gnome from Ral Partha

    Nice! I just ordered a set of shadowrun ral partha miniatures, maybe I'll post them (I always say that and then never do...)
  5. redfox

    Minis we would like to see

    Cyberpunk miniatures, things suitable for Shadowrun and other games of the sort.
  6. I have an interesting request, I'm looking for a dominatrix miniature as a gift for a friend. I can't seem to find that many online when I search that appeal to me, so I am looking for suggestions. 25mm-28mm is preferred.
  7. redfox

    Looking for a dominatrix miniature

    That looks like a good choice Froggy. Bonus points since she's got a corset, the wings (?) Might be a little much but I suppose I don't have to include them. Auld's suggestion is good too but I would prefer something without a mask. I know I'm kind of hard to please.
  8. My latest reaper haul, the ghost is from my ghoulie bag I ordered more minis than this, but these are what I've painted so far:
  9. redfox

    Stirges, a bones ghost, and Undead Hounds

    The undead hounds, and a couple more I painted last night: Also, on a side note, as a DM I love stirges and how annoying they are for players.
  10. redfox

    Stirges, a bones ghost, and Undead Hounds

    The undead hounds won't upload for some reason, so I'll take a new photo and post it in the morning
  11. redfox

    Can anyone identify this dwarf?

    You guys are right, it is a Mage Knight Dwarf Berserker! Thanks
  12. My friend found this dwarf, he thinks he got it around 2006, about eleven years ago:
  13. redfox

    Reaper Chess

    I want to make a chess set too now...
  14. redfox

    Replacement parts

    usually if you contact reaper and say what is wrong they will send you a new part without cost to you
  15. redfox

    Which huge dragon should I get?

    The only thing that really bothers me about Narthrax is the size of his teeth, they're a little disproportionate to his head size and as a result he kind of reminds me of a beaver or rat a little bit. I suppose a little bit of filing could fix that pretty easily though..
  16. I'm just looking for suggestions as to which huge or colossal sized dragon miniature I should get for my Pathfinder game. I'm a little picky about sculpts and how things are posed; I like some of the Bones kickstarter dragons, but the ones in particular that I want haven't been released in the reaper store yet, or if they have I can't find them.
  17. redfox

    The Tablebreaker: The Ultimate d20

    Roll it on the front lawn maybe?
  18. redfox

    Which huge dragon should I get?

    Thanks everyone! I'll start a work in progress thread once I've decided, purchased, and assembled the dragon and start painting.
  19. redfox

    Which huge dragon should I get?

    I just looked up the Heresy dragon, that thing is beautiful I'll most likely go with a bones miniature just because reaper's prices can't really be beat for the value. I'm thinking I may go with Ebonwrath, Cinder, or Blightfang.
  20. redfox

    Which huge dragon should I get?

    I know a few people who play Warhammer 40k and other such games. Maybe I could pawn the pieces off on them. I should say I'm open to suggestions of non-reaper, but preferably unpainted dragon miniatures as well, my main concern is that they must be big and look cool.
  21. redfox

    Which huge dragon should I get?

    T'Raukzul was actually one of the ones I specifically wanted from the kickstarter, but I'm poor and can't afford to fund them unfortunately. Its a shame I can't get the Dragons Don't Share dragon by itself, because I have no idea what I would do with those terrain pieces.
  22. redfox

    Pirate lady; mage knight repaint

    Nice! I read the title as "mage knight repellent" for some reason.
  23. redfox

    Thickening paint for dry brushing

    As far as I know, yes.
  24. redfox

    Thickening paint for dry brushing

    According to a guy that works at games workshop, who is supposedly knowledgeable in terms of their paint, the citadel drybrush paint contains the same pigment and binder mixture as their other paints, but has a greater ratio of pigment to binder so that it's thicker. you could probably just put a blob of paint out on your palette (keep an eye on it so that it doesn't fully dry) and let it thicken until its a similar consistency before you use it.