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  1. Do you use pigments? What are the various uses for it? Is it just making washes?
  2. Brushing my beard is a must or it sticks out all over the place messing up my peripheral vision and distracting me. I also find oiling the beard makes the skin feel nicer underneath (so I guess it's conditioning the skin) but too much and it makes it worse. As someone else said, I only heard about beard oil in this last year. I certainly condition but I bought Jojoba oil for another reason and tried it a few times to some success however I'm not sure i like the smell. What does work well is some dollar store spray my girlfriend uses for her hair as a leave-in type stuff. No idea what it really is, but it works wonders. I do like wearing a goatee and look fierce (not sure what kids today mean by this term but I mean the actual definition) with one but I always eventually screw up around the edges and hate shaving around it to begin with, Not shaving is a treat, so leaving hair to shave around is like planting trees all over my lawn to mow around. Anyhow, any excuse for a beard massage is worthwhile.
  3. re: basing - That's awesome. Thank you! I've had some fun with a few 15mm minis so far but I haven't decided on a system yet. To some degree I like how they look right after a basecoat without highlights or washes. I also tried with a varnish (Minwax Polyshades Tudor Satin 360) and while it does the wash and seal in one step (while also filling in spots I missed), it made them too shiny for me regarding fantasy - okay for robots. As well I did a standard base, wash, drybrush, highlight but it really didn't go well. In any event, I'm enjoying them and I appreciate all the advice and inspiration in this thread!
  4. Beauty! Getting ready to paint that specific one myself but unsure of which colour direction to go.
  5. Do you still have the files for the labels? If not, I can make my own, but if the work is already done.... ;) I just bought two. One as a test that will be the Bad Wolf version and another to hopefully do a good job and gift to a Whovian.
  6. Jojoba Oil works. A friend goes on and one about some beard oil that's awesome but I haven't listened yet.
  7. Undateable Live, The Seven Deadly Sins
  8. Thanks everyone. Appreciated.
  9. Wow, some great inspiration and help there. Thank you. If all goes well with the Barbarians and Wild Elves from Rebel Minis, and the various stuff from Splintered Light, Flames of War and Napoleonics are certainly on my todo list. I have a sampler kit for Napoleonics and a Ram Kangaroo for Flames of war as well as a Maus. I have a basing kit but It will also be a new journey as I've never done bases before.
  10. Wow! Thank you! This helps immensely. The pictures and your process! Cheers! I'm both looking forward to, and dreading the armies. If all goes well I will be investing in some 15mm Napoleonics (I have a few singles to start with).
  11. Thank you for the responses!!! It does seem some do shade washes and some don't wash 15mm at all (I even know someone who uses Wood Stain as the wash). I will probably try both on a couple test pieces. Perhaps test first on a Porter (henchman) and some Spy/Infiltrators before hitting the armies - plus I need my Bronze Skin Triad to come in for my Barbarians. For whatever reason the loupe-magnifier web site is not accessible to me but I get the visor concept and have checked Amazon.ca out as well as this guy - I do own a magnifying glass on a stand with alligator clips (like this) but I find perspective/distance hard to see and it's weird not holding what I'm painting. My biggest weakness (besides inexperience) is very shaky hands. I see what you mean by price, the Loupe ones seem about double the price of say Donegan Optical. Any cheats, even if plain illusions, are helpful :) These won't be for contests but for myself and hopefully the occasional skrmish play.
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