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  1. All told, it looks like I'll be coming out at a little over $300 for this KS, which is about what I usually spend on Reaper's kickstarters. Only difference this time is I didn't get a core set, but that beautiful pirate ship makes up for that. Kid Heroes Armory x2 Halloween Knight Dark Depths Brinewind+Extension Dragonfolk All the siege equipment The Boat Still eyeing the Kobolds because I like lots of little mooks, and the dice for posterity, but probably not.
  2. Spent a bit more than Bones 4, and I didn't even get the core set. I blame the pirate ship and sea stuff.
  3. The most exciting thing about the brinewind extras is knowing that one day I'll be able to buy docks, tables, and chairs!
  4. Right now I'm in for: Kid Heroes Armory x2 Dark Depths Dragonfolk Catapult Ballista Trebuchet The Incredible Boat Since I buy mostly for use in tabletop games and I've got a ton of basic PCs and monsters from the last couple KS, I'm a bit more discerning this time. The only things in the core set I want is the armory and the kid heroes. I'm a little "meh" on the spell fx. I like the walls and the platform, but I could've done fine with just one hand and more ground based effects, like a fireball. I'm actually pretty happy though because inste
  5. 100 for the ship? That's absurdly affordable for a piece that size! I'm not going heavy on Bones V, but I'm definitely in for that boat.
  6. I ran a pre-gunpowder game that used cannons, but the "gunners" were wizards and the cannons were focusing tubes, they amplified the damage and range of fireballs to act like a cannon.
  7. That ship alone has got to be $50+ dollar add-on, probably more like $75. It's awesome.
  8. upped the pledge in anticipation of the deep sea expansion.I don't do tons and tons of sea encounters, but I do them often enough that these would be pretty useful.
  9. I actually quite like the encounters. The troll one isn't for me, but I could use the spider one.
  10. I'm hopeful about the undersea expansion. I'd love to see some merfolk and sahuagin type minis.
  11. I'm not in for the core, but I hope they'll sell parts of the core like the did during the last KS as extras. I'd get 2 or 3 of the armory and spell effects and a set of the kid heroes, but I don't want anything from the main core except maybe the stag and the krampus.
  12. Yes, a siege engine capable of throwing a 90 kg projectile over 300m. I'm in on the trebuchet, probably 2!
  13. So far I'm not in for too much because I've got a glut of basic PCs, NPCs, and common monsters. Dragonfolk and and War Machines for sure. Maybe the Daimyo expansion because it would be nice to have more Asian inspired pieces. The core just doesn't have enough to pull me in to it. I like the zombie giant, the stag, and the Krampus looking thing, and I like the kid heroes and spell effects. I'm hoping they'll have parts of the core set separately purchasable like the last KS.
  14. Many thanks. It obviously is very rough, but everyone starts somewhere when they start a particular technique.
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