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  1. Many thanks. I really tried thinning my paints down a lot more than I usually would, and I suspect I'll keep trying that. It gives it a much smoother look and I really like how it turned out. I'm also starting to use washes less. I like washes still, but for some things, I really like starting at the bottom and working up through the highlights.
  2. Howdy all, Dmagamus here. Sat down yesterday and painted this lovely lady up in one long sitting. If you'll allow me a moment to gush, I wrapped up a campaign last night that has spanned from level 1 to 20 and lasted nearly 3 years. I need a giant spellcaster for the final fight, and I wanted it to look pretty good, so I put a pretty fair amount of time into it. I think it came out pretty well.
  3. I caved and got the paint sets, despite having quite a bit of paint. I need to get an acrylic nail polish display like someone suggested to hold it all, that way I'm not digging through boxes to find a specific color. Not sure which one to order off Amazon though.
  4. I always forget that I backed this. Pleasantly surprised that he's hoping to start shipping soon, I wrote the money I spent off since it wasn't very much. Still not the longest I've waited on a ks. (Camelot Unchained, you're up.)
  5. Oh man, when I saw the lost world expansion, I thought "Alright, I can save a bit, this one isn't really my taste." Then I see the fan favorite. Cavalry, a sweet portal. PENGUINS! I can make the ultimate swarm! The penguin swarm! So I get on, deciding it's not THAT much more, and just when I'm scrolling down to the pledge manager, I see it. Wave 1 for the Americas, 1 out of 1000. So now I'm getting the fan favorites, and I've gone from wave 6 to wave 1.
  6. A 4th expansion for Darkreach is pretty sweet. Wish they would've done it for Chronoscape, considering its very mediocre 3rd tier, but that's the way the sci-fi cookie crumbles.
  7. Dreadmere part 3 really makes Chronoscape part 3 seem underwhelming.
  8. hMMMM, MORE PAINT EH? I really need to figure out a display/storage solution. I've just got them crammed in my learn to paint kits right now.
  9. I need that handcart for my 5e conversion of Fiddler on the Roof.
  10. Oh snap, dat tree doe. I have to get a tree of despair.
  11. I was trying to limit the budget to 200, but with the Dreadmere expansion... I guess 300.
  12. Yoooo, Yuan-Ti like snake people? I'm loving it. This KS feels less Hero/PC focused and more Monster/NPC focused (so far), but I might just be viewing it wrong. As I said, initially I wasn't sold on the core set, but the things they are adding are hitting the right notes for me.
  13. I wasn't fully sold on the core set, but the griffon, wyvern, and dragon are worth it, and I could probably use the goblins. I like pretty much everything else in the core set. Don't LOVE them, but I like them well enough. Even the minitaurs to an extent. Love Narglauth, definitely picking him up. Maybe the paint. I know it's a great deal, but I'm running out of room for paint. Might pick up the dragon turtle as well. As for the Chronoscape expansion? Yese. Yes, I'm getting it for sure. I generally play fantasy, but I dabble in scifi as well, and it will fill a huge gap that I need.
  14. Hey all, been plugging away at my kickstarter minis. I've done a few so far, but this is the first one I started working. I had to paint up my fire giant jailor, and it ended up taking some weird turns.
  15. Hey all, DMAgamus here still painting away. I started a Curse if Strahd game and my players ordered up some minis for it. This guy is the human warlock's miniature. Essentially they've taken on the role of paranormal investigators after a vampire spawn wiped out their village and ended up getting pulled into Barovia. Anyways that's boring stuff. Originally I had thoughts for lots of dark colors, maybe browns like a warhammer witch hunter, but we went in a different direction after he found a picture online. I've always liked this mini, but I really don't like the hammer, so I did the torch conversion I've seen others do. Also, he uses a quarterstaff instead of a sword so I made one of those too. Since I had some left over, I made a cobblestone base for him to stand on Haven't worked with green stuff before but it came out ok. Been messing around with washing in different colors other than 'darker version of base.' The red was washed in green (also enjoying purple on orange). I kinda like the way it turns out. All in all, it worked out. He seemed moderately satisfied with the paint job. I think it looks pretty ok as long as it's viewed from several feet away.
  16. Also received mine today. It is a formidable tome.
  17. Eh, I usually build my own terrain because I am poor, but I might pick up a watchtower for a nice terrain piece to paint.
  18. At the very least I appreciate you personally coming to try to allay the doubts some have. It does seem like a large workload, but I'm in for 50. Chances are I was going to lose it at a casino anyways, so even if the worst happens, If everything comes out great, I get a lot of nice furniture to paint.
  19. Hey all, DMAgamus here, with another mini. My player couldn't find a suitable mini for his brass draconic sorcerer, so we put this together. Pretty happy with how the wings and eyes turned out, though you can't see the latter in the pictures. Simple base job, only ook me a few minutes to do (not including drying time for glue and paint.) Anyways, here he is.
  20. I think he came out ok, though I may get some green stuff and make a blindfold for him.
  21. Hey all, DMAgamus here. Quick painted this guy up today for one of my players. Hero Forge custom mini, painted once already by somebody else, I stripped i over the past week and painted it up today. His character was an open hand monk, but he's seen some things, and then stopped seeing because a lich blinded him, so he transformed into a death monk, prompting a new paint job. This was my first hero forge mini, I believe it's the low detail, strong kind, at least I hope it is, because the details are very meh. I didn't run into any trouble painting it that some people have, but that might be because it had already been pained once. Also some parts have a weird texture. I'm not particularly impressed by it, especially for the cost. I'd say get a nice reaper piece or some other brand, unless you absolutely can't faind anything to match your character in any sort of way. Anyways, here he is: Cu'ong the death monk.
  22. It's Citadel snow effect. I doubt I'll ever make a pure snow base ever again, I'll add grass tufts and gravel and rocks. This was mostly meant as a 'how does this stuff work' effort.
  23. Put on some Dullcote and he looks fine. I'll definitely check out that basing guide.
  24. Couldn't sleep, just working through this piece by piece. Trying to figure stuff out. Whenever I get frustrated I paint something else, like the face and try again afterwards.
  25. Hey all, DMAgamus here. I like trying new things, and looking at this mini I imagined lots of gleaming metal. So rather that start easy, I jumped face first into trying NMM, knowing the first attempts will be very, very bad (spoilers, they are). But the fun part of trying something for the first time is that you aren't likely to get much worse, so screw it: Aina, fist NMM metal attempt. Not the last, but I can see myself sticking with the ease of honed steel and black wash lol. I can't guarantee I won;t give up halfway through, but even some minor attempts will teach me something. Alright, this is as far as I got tonight. Rough, but most things are when you're learning them I suppose.
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