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  1. I got some Dullcote yesterday and am going to spray it today. Hopefully I don't ruin it.
  2. A Stag/Elk mini of some kind and a nice giant eagle, mostly because I have a Druid that transforms into those a lot. Entertainers besides musicians: jesters, street magicians(not wizards), street hustlers. More gnomes! In heavy armor.
  3. Hey all, DMAgamus here. I know I just made a different topic, but his is an older mini I painted a few weeks ago, but never finished because I left the base unpainted. Now that I'm trying to learn some basic basing, she's all done. She got the practice snow treatment!
  4. I was always very tepid towards mouslings and the like, but posts like this make me love them. So cute and well painted.
  5. Nice, well defined eyes. I like his mohawk and his bare bum bum made me giggle.
  6. Hey all, DMAgamus here. Been working on this guy for for a couple days. This is the first metal mini I've assembled and painted, and one of the first minis I've bases. Never used flock before, so I kept it simple. Also practiced black cloth using brown and gray highlights. I think he came out fine. I wish the hood didn't hide his eyes, I promise they are there.
  7. I think I'll hit up Michael's tomorrow and grab some supplies. I need some cork and foam pads for terrain stuff. They have brush on Dullcote? I don;t trust the cold weather for spraying.
  8. Updaten painting done sans some touchups. Learned some valuable lessons about pinning minis, especially metal ones. Next a basing attempt. Haven't done many of those... exactly 1. Next q: what sealer do you suggest using. I haven't been putting the on my bones ones, but now that I'm getting slightly better, I want to start protecting them. Thanks all!
  9. This is absolutely amazing work. Absolutely stunning.
  10. Hey all, mostly done with the main portion and finshing up the hands. DO you think I should pin them in place or do you think it will be ok with just super glue?
  11. Didn't paint much today, only got him this far. I went for more gray highlights on the pants, just trying stuff out. Put down the base coats on some stuff, did the doubet because I wanted o see what color I like it. I've always been a fan of darkish red. Still a lot of work eft to do on him though.
  12. Hey all, DMAgamus here painting this coll mini. Ths is one of the pewter minis I got for christmas, and will be the second pewter mini I've painted. He's a half orc rogue, a neat combo and a unique mini! When I first saw him, I thought :Black cloak and breeches, leather gloves and boots, not sure about t he padded armor. I'm happy to ake suggestions for that, maybe a dark red? He is a thief, so I want it to be muted, but don't want it plain old gray. Anyways, this is where I'm at on him. His skin is finished on the arms, and I'm pretty happy with his cloak. They say nothing is ruly black, so I started with a mix of pure blac and leather brown, kept adding leaher brown to highlight, then gave it a black glaze to try and smoothe it out. I thin it came out pretty ok for a first shot. The light isn't doing the pictures any favor, but you can get an dea of what it looks like. I can see myself using blue in place of leather brown for a colder looking mini, but I wanted this one to be warmer. This orc is a hero PC in my mind.
  13. I'm digging the color of that cloak!
  14. Alright...I tried the basing thing.
  15. Hey all, DMAgamus here with another one. This time I took the Necromancer Darkrasp and made him into an Astromancer. The main reason I painted this was because I had and idea fir the cloak and it would give me a chance to practice blending. Took some work, but I'm happy with how he came out, especially the cape and flask he has. Scroll came out looking like vellum, which I'm ok with, but I wish I could've made the runes look like they are glowing. Anyways, here he is, mostly done.
  16. This mini has a great look. It feels cold in a great way. How did you do the snow basing?
  17. Of all the minis I've painted, this is easily in the top 3 most interesting sculpts.
  18. I try not to be but usually am. Still, this one got a lot of compliments.
  19. Hey all, DMAgamus with another mini painted. Didn't turn out great but what does these days. Today I painted Friar Stone to be used as one of my player's monk travelling companions(Brother Louis Armstrong. Blonde hair blue eyes, like he TV show). I know, it needs to be based. One day soon. Once I get the materials, I might go bact to my old minis and base them. That'll give them some extra pizzazz they desperately need. Anyways, here he is. As usual, I cringe looking at the pics, but he looks better in person. All advice welcome, trying to get better.
  20. That might impetus I need to actually base things! Thanks!
  21. Warrior Priests.... man I love the look of Warrior Priests! Nice paint job!
  22. Hey all, DMAgamus here. Still churning through my backlog of minis, still practicing, mainly on eyes right now. Probably shading next? Tonight decided to paint a lady dwarf rogue/ranger and the barrels that my niece gave me. All in all, hey came out not bad I tried to make the eyes more feminine, a litle bit larger than on other minis. The cloaks highlighting feels like it needed to be brighter for more contrast. It is medium tabletop quality I guess? Anyways, here are some bad pictures of it and the last 3 minis I've done. I'm starting to look at basing tutorials, but it might be a little bit before I start, mainly because I don't have any actual bases and I'm waiting until I've got enough to order so that I can ge free shipping. Until then, I'll be trying to gather homemade basing materials, because the real stuff is a bit pricey.
  23. Thanks all! I'm hoping to get into basing eventually. Simce all my minis are for tabletop use instead of display, I've always been a bit hesitant to do it.
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