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  1. Hey all, DMAgamus here, still painting away. I find it very calming. Anyways, I realized I haven't pained a dwarf yet, so I painted another mini I got for Christmas, Fulumbar! I also got to use the magnifying headset I got too! I have to say, I'm a pessimistic person, but I'm pretty pleased with how he came out, specifically his face. Old dwarf mini I used vs. the new one.
  2. Hay all, DMAgamus here, still painting random minis. Starting off the new year with one I got for Christmas, The Ghost King. 2spooky. For what I'm going to be using him for, I wanted his armor to look aged, but his swrord to look newer. Tried some verdgris and rust on the armor. Also I wanted him to ook like he had his own light, so I started light and highlighted dark at the edges, Like a fire or something. Anywhos, it was just a figure for me to mess around with. Didn't turn ou great, but t will serve the purpose of being used in my DnD game. It's another one that looks better in hand than in my crappy pictures,
  3. Thanks all! I'm certainly not unhappy with how everything came out, especially since I haven't been painting for very long, but it still can be done better.
  4. Hey all, DMAgamus here! Still not great at painting, but still practicing because it's fun, and I need minis for my DnD games! Here's one I finished: There's something strange about the well locaed outside the village of Mordpoint. For 3 years, every child born there has been gifted with incredible innate magicks. The local goblins, however, want a slice of the pie. That's the setup for one of my games next week, should be a pretty fun battle with a twist: drinking from the well grants players a random spell up to level 4. The catch: they have to roll on a wild magic table and suffer some possibly devastating penalties (or amazing boons.) Here's the minis, plus some actions shots for the funsies! Hoping to get some bases and flocking within the upcoming month or two so I can put them on bases. That's w hole new can of worms to work on. The village's ragtag militia of 3, NPCs for the quest: The goblin raiders: And some fun shots of the basic setup.
  5. I do have a hot glue gun, but I worry aboutnunsticking it once it's glued? I swear I saw somewhere that you can use rubbing alcohol to undo it though, or something along those lines.
  6. I looked at all the pictures and tried this out. I've got 3 to get it right om at least I'm happy with the color, that dark brownish red, but I'm not sure about the metal banding. What do you guys think? Update: mostly finished with this one, sans painting the base.
  7. I do like the look of the brigandine. I'll look at it for a while and think on it. You do see correctly though, the stitching is the raised portion on this mini. I think that's the thing that is throwing me off the most. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Wow! This looks great! It makes me want to paint a big mini!
  9. The next thing I'm working on is the 3 pack of Anhurian Crossbowmen, and I'm a little stumped about painting a certain part of it, specifically, what appears to be some sort of doublet or banded tunic. Stared at it for a while, base coated almost everywhere else, but my mind is drawing a blank on what colors it should be painted. Black with steel bands maybe? Don't know, it doesn't look like it would be metal, but it might be. I feel like i should be subdued, nothing too garish, since he had heraldric (is that even a word) colors on his under tunic (that probably isn't a thing either). I couldn't find any good, clear pre painted pics of this mini. I figured it was worth an ask on here since everyone is really helpful. Pics below of what I'm talking about.
  10. Definitely looking for the critique and what I can do to be better. The stuff I paint is definitely going to be used for tabletop games, but I still want to get better.
  11. Hi all, DMAgamus here. Randomly picked this guy up at a gaming store I happened to stop by. I just thought it was a neat looking guy, and something different than your standard elf/dwarf/human of (insert class here). Still a new painter. Been at it for a solid couple months, though there was a span where I ran out of minis to paint. I tried some highlighting and stuff. You know, just to try things out. Some turned out mediocre, some bad, but that's part of practicing. The pictures being up close make i look really rough, but it looks better from a normal viewing distance. Anyways, I thought I'd show him beecause it did take a bit of work, but mostly looking for advice on highlighting, especially on smoothe surfaces like the bag.
  12. Ah, I remembered a couple of questions. How do people make flesh look so smooth. Also, what's the best way to paint wood? I can't seems to get it looking right, what with the grain and all.
  13. Yep! The tutorial helped a lot! I wouldn't have thought of doing it that way because I'd be worried about getting paint on the face, but it definitely works.
  14. Thanks Frogimus. Years of music practice have given me moderately steady hands, so I do have that going for me. I wish I could take credit for the eyes being straight, but that might be luck! Do you think they'll mind if I start a general WIP topic in the ore forum. The WIP being mainly my painting skills lol, but just a general area for my WIP. I don't want to keep bumping this one if it's better suited for that other section.
  15. Thanks all! I've got some liners and washes in the mail! Can't wait to use them! THe eyes are a bit hard, but practice makes perfect! Or at least adequate! Here are two minis I've been working on, minis 5 and 6! A wererat for a player of mine and this lovey NPC, the first to get the eye attempt!
  16. Thanks for the advice so far! I think I might buy the liner triad, people seem to say a lot of good things about the liners! I was a little worried about boiling them, but it definitely worked, and I felt like a mad scientist while I did it!
  17. Hi all, new painter here. Backed the kickstarter and I got tired of buying the pre painted DnD minis, so I got some Bones and the LTP kit and went to work. Followed the directions for the orc, it came out well. Did my own thing for the night, and the zombie was a replacement fig, so I just did my own thing with that as well. Then I hit Anval Thricedamned for a player of mine. I didn't take a picture of him finished, but I actually made a bola out of some pipe cleaner (burn off the fuzz and it makes a sturdy rope/chain) and beads. It turned out great! But I am new and have some random questions, everyone here seems real friendly to the new/unskillied (I am both of these things.) Before the pictures, the questions: 1. Some of the fine detail on the minis is very hard to make out. What's the best way to bring those out for paintint. I thought about a black or brown wash before painting to highlight the details. Does that mess anything up? 2. Primer. How is Reaper's brush on primer? I have a pewter mini I'd like to paint, and I may have some delivered (I live in backwoods, not near a game store unfortunatey, so I order a ot of stuff onine.) Failing that, I do have hardware stores/Walmarts nearby. Do they have decent primers for minis. 3. What are liners? Are they like washes? I've been making my own washes and they've been ok, but they've been ony with basic water. It beads up a bit and I have to use a dry brush to remove it, so I might be interested in that. 4. Painting pupils/eyes. On one mini I managed to get a nice blue circle, but the paint seemed so...thin? Even undiluted out the bottle I had to make the dot a coupe times to get even a light blue. Then, the pupil wouldn't show up when I tried to make it, like it just wouldn't take. Also I tried to make fine dark lines to outline the eyes and I just couldn't get the definitions I wanted? 5. Bent Minis: What's hte best way to bend something like a sword back in place? I tried running it under scalding water for several seconds. but ti wasn't boiling hot. Then I bent it to the position I wanted and ran it in cold water, but it didn;t stick. What the best way to do so? PICTURES. Not great quality I'm afraid.
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