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  1. Hello, i just want to indroduce you my version of the Pillar of God, with a double side ambienve scheme
  2. Hi! thanks for comment!, i just made it with a wash made by combine different shades of green acrylic paint and flock, thinned with water and a little touch of pva glue.
  3. Hi i just want to introduce you Marise Greyshroud Wraith Queen.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm just presenting you my version of Rauthurus!
  5. i really like it!, good job on that dwarves
  6. Hi everyone, it is have been a long time since i post something, this time i am very glad to introduce you, Dragoth, with a base made with hirstart molds, any comment, advice or suggestion are very welcome.
  7. Really nice details!, the eye, the gems, nice miniature but the painted improve it a lot!
  8. I realy like the cloak! the red and the blue are really well painted, and the metallic its really good too!.
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