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  1. Hi! thanks for comment!, i just made it with a wash made by combine different shades of green acrylic paint and flock, thinned with water and a little touch of pva glue.
  2. Hi i just want to introduce you Marise Greyshroud Wraith Queen.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm just presenting you my version of Rauthurus!
  4. i really like it!, good job on that dwarves
  5. Hi everyone, it is have been a long time since i post something, this time i am very glad to introduce you, Dragoth, with a base made with hirstart molds, any comment, advice or suggestion are very welcome.
  6. Really nice details!, the eye, the gems, nice miniature but the painted improve it a lot!
  7. I realy like the cloak! the red and the blue are really well painted, and the metallic its really good too!.
  8. just amazing!!!! love the scheme and the metallics!!! it was NMM??
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