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  1. Dankjewel Herman! Zal later eens kijken wat ik allemaal gemist heb hier.. Ben aan t zoeken naar inspiratie voor de kingdom death Sunstalker
  2. Hey all, its been a while.. Really busy with all sorts of stuff going on and the recent delivery of my KDM expansions. If the box is gonna make another round, count me in.
  3. Hey everyone, I am still interested too in seeing the return box from the us arrive at my doorstep, so count me in!
  4. CC got charged and my final list for the pm is: Base game 1.5 gamblers chest dragon king lion knight flower knight dung beetle knight green knight gorm sunstalker pin ups of death IV pin up disciple of the witch satan Have been doubting about wave 4 stuff and decided not to go for them because I think the PM will open again .. And if it does not open, a black friday sales in 2020 will have them at discounted prices anyway.. I am happy with my pledge as it is.. I now at least have some extra money for our summer vacation
  5. Thank you for the answer.. I just hope my March paycheck will be in time before the close of the PM so I can add some more to my cart
  6. Maybe a silly question, but i can't seem to find what the end date is for the backerkit.. So does anyone know what the final date is you can add or change things?
  7. Progress is slow with the Balrog, since my last post I had maybe 2 hours time to do some painting. But progress is progress I found the colors were getting a bit boring so I used a purple wash to get some more depth in my colors. More purples will be used in the rest of the beast. Now time for some pics. C&C is appreciated
  8. Thanks everyone! It feels great to be painting again and this weekend I made some more progress to the flaming ice beast. the lighting here is not optimal yet so pictures are a bit off in color. In a few weeks I will have my own desk and lighting set up here so until then I will have to make do with what I got.
  9. Hey everyone, it has been a long time since I posted any WIPs or finished paint jobs. I sort of moved out of my house to move in with my girlfriend and in doing that and moving between places I didn't get around to doing much painting. When I was packing some of my things I found an old box full of old hobby stuff. Inside I found lots of old lord of the rings material and some finished and unfortunately broken miniatures. Among them I found the Balrog, which looked pretty banged up, head was off, one of his wings had broken off too.. When I painted those minis roughly 17 years ago I was very fresh in painting metal minis and never even heard of pinning. First I thought I would fix him and retouch the damaged spots, but then I thought it would be cool to re do the whole thing and this time not paint him up like the Balrog but like a sort of Ice variant of the fire beast. Cleaning was pretty easy with some alcohol. I fixed him up and decided to extend the flames on his back with some greenstuff. This was about 2 months ago. Since I do not really have a fixed hobby space yet and been really busy with lots of other stuff I only started painting again last week. Progress up till now Any C&C is as always much appreciated
  10. Charmed your way out of it huh? Good news! She is always very nice to me, I go there to post my packages for over 10 years, so they know me by now
  11. Another day later then planned, but it is finally in transit. The box was still 60 grams over 2 kilos, but the female clergy made it so it was a bit under 2 kilos, by lifting the box a bit when she put it on the scale, so I got the cheaper shipping rate. It should be arriving somewhere around friday!
  12. These are the minis I took extra to get the weight of the box down. That middle dude is very heavy so I am certain weight has dropped enough to send it to the UK I repacked the box and will ship it first thing next monday!
  13. Wow, this is one super awesome project you got there.. I have been really busy so I missed a lot of great stuff on here.. I will keep track of this!!
  14. Hey everyone, I just got back from a business trip and found the box is still here. I asked my girlfriend to post it for me, but it was heavier than 2 kilos so she took it back home. I will need a better scale at home. I will take some more out of the box and will post pics probably later this evening and will drop the box of at the post office first thing monday morning. I am very sorry for the delays!!
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