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  1. CC got charged and my final list for the pm is:


    Base game 1.5

    gamblers chest

    dragon king

    lion knight

    flower knight

    dung beetle knight

    green knight



    pin ups of death IV

    pin up disciple of the witch



    Have been doubting about wave 4 stuff and decided not to go for them because I think the PM will open again .. And if it does not open, a black friday sales in 2020 will have them at discounted prices anyway.. I am happy with my pledge as it is..  I now at least have some extra money for our summer vacation ::D:

  2.  "A lot of people have been asking when the pledge manager will close, I should have a more definitive answer to that soon. Don't worry, we are not going to slam the doors shut without any warning!"


    The original statement was that it would be open for at least one month, but that time would expand if there were any technical problems with the pledge manager (there were).


    Also noteworthy is that Adam has now implied that they are currently planning to reopen the pledge manager for at least some items before their wave ships. This was said regarding the 3d board "Yeah of course!!!!!! There are a few planned opportunities to pick that up before its all done and ready to be shipped out."

    Thank you for the answer.. I just hope my March paycheck will be in time before the close of the PM so I can add some more to my cart :upside:


    Another day later then planned, but it is finally in transit. The box was still 60 grams over 2 kilos, but the female clergy made it so it was a bit under 2 kilos, by lifting the box a bit when she put it on the scale, so I got the cheaper shipping rate. ::D: It should be arriving somewhere around friday!


    Charmed your way out of it huh? :upside:


    Good news!


    She is always very nice to me, I go there to post my packages for over 10 years, so they know me by now ^_^

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  4. Hey everyone, I just got back from a business trip and found the box is still here. I asked my girlfriend to post it for me, but it was heavier than 2 kilos so she took it back home. I will need a better scale at home.

    I will take some more out of the box and will post pics probably later this evening and will drop the box of at the post office first thing monday morning. I am very sorry for the delays!! :down::wacko:

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  5. Hey everyone,


    I made a selection of goodies from the box, lots of cool stuff in there. The 2 little girls want to try painting some miniatures too, so I took a bunch of horses since they really love horses.

    I have also taken some stuff for me to paint and some basing stuff too. I hope to find time today to put some paint on the group mini and will hopefully ship the box out again tomorrow.


    Here are some pics


    post-14632-0-72410200-1477911720_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-24773700-1477911706_thumb.jpg




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  6. Hey everyone,


    First I want to mention once again what a very cool idea this goodwill box is. There is some really cool stuff in there and I found it hard to make my choice, but I eventually took some cool minis, some bits and some basing stuff.



    Here is my selection


    post-14632-0-55931800-1462011012_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-76661900-1462011017_thumb.jpg 


    post-14632-0-45478400-1462011022_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-09543300-1462011028_thumb.jpg


    Can anyone tell me who made that samurai mini with raised katana? That one and the old lady with cat and raised cane are my 2 favorites from this pick.

    Also that non magnetic tweezer will come in very handy with my rare earth magnets. I had a tough time putting those in some of my monsters, but that will be a thing of the past now


    I put in a lot of cool stuff too, not as many minis as I took out but I promise everything I put back in is very useful and cool stuff.

    My day is already packed with other commitments, so I have no time to paint the groupmini today. I will do that tomorrow and will ship the box to Alchemist on monday



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